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Busy Day

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I just worked up the wireframes for our members intranet. Took a bit of time, but I’m pleased with how they look and aside from one that will involve creating some Excel spreadsheets for members based on a few queries, it should be pretty quick to code.

I’ve been watching the Florida primaries way more than I should be at work. I’m interested in the Cuban-American vote, as well as the elderly demographics. It’s interesting to note that Although Mitt Romney has almost twice the delegates McCain has, CNN.com reporters claim that if McCain wins Florida, the election is sewn up, but if Mitt wins, it’s up in the air. Huh? No explination as to that weird logic.

LOST in a little over 50 hours. WHOOO! Please don’t suck LOST.

I have had chicken three meals in a row now. I just realized this. I am not sure why this matters to me.

Beneath the cut is something a bit interesting. One of my friends is a high school teacher. It is part of his job to grade these essays that decide if you pass or fail your grade. I’m sure some of you that are teachers or have kids know what I’m talking about. Well, this educator friend got a weird essay that being a gamer, would be something only he would catch while other teachers would totally miss. To double check his misgivings, he IM’d me on Friday…

This is a story I like to call “Alex and Aaron vs. Sephiroth Fan Fiction”

HBK826 (10:24:53 AM): Want to hear something fucking hilarious?
Darquefyr (10:24:59 AM): Sure
HBK826 (10:25:26 AM): Some kid on his state exam wrote about the novella of FF7
HBK826 (10:25:33 AM): As in final fantasy 7
Darquefyr (10:25:33 AM): no no no no
HBK826 (10:25:53 AM): And he had the misfortune of me grading it
Darquefyr (10:26:35 AM): Yes yes yes yes
Darquefyr (10:26:44 AM): Oh my god
HBK826 (10:26:55 AM): No other teacher would notice
HBK826 (10:27:04 AM): Sucks to be the kid
Darquefyr (10:27:07 AM): Are you the only gamer?
Darquefyr (10:27:19 AM): Are you being really cruel and saying “Phantasy Star 2!!!”
HBK826 (10:27:32 AM): Tetsuya Naruma
HBK826 (10:27:41 AM): Only one even in my 20s. Next nearest is 35ish
Darquefyr (10:27:46 AM): Wow
Darquefyr (10:28:01 AM): When I was teaching I was the youngest by twenty years and everyone else was a religious nut
HBK826 (10:28:30 AM): Want to do me a minor favor? Look up tetsuya naruma.
Darquefyr (10:28:37 AM): I just did
Darquefyr (10:28:52 AM): Only one thing comes up and it’s for FF versus 13
HBK826 (10:28:53 AM): If he didn’t write a novel of ff7 called something about the maiden travels the earth, this kid is going to bomb
HBK826 (10:29:06 AM): Nice.
Darquefyr (10:29:25 AM): I’ll try it in kanji and katakana though just in case
Darquefyr (10:30:09 AM): Oh. he mispelled the last name
Darquefyr (10:30:15 AM): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuya_Nomura
HBK826 (10:30:15 AM): Ah nice
Darquefyr (10:30:42 AM): Also, he was the character designer. As in artwork
HBK826 (10:30:58 AM): Hahaha
Darquefyr (10:31:04 AM): No novels
HBK826 (10:31:57 AM): Director too
Darquefyr (10:32:02 AM): Yep
Darquefyr (10:32:08 AM): Tons of crazy fansites about the guy
Darquefyr (10:32:18 AM): FAIL FAIL FAIL HIM
HBK826 (10:32:27 AM): Can you look up “the maiden who travel the planet”
Darquefyr (10:33:06 AM): HAHAA!
HBK826 (10:33:23 AM): Any luck?
Darquefyr (10:33:31 AM): my yes. It appears to be fan fic
HBK826 (10:33:40 AM): Hah
Darquefyr (10:33:43 AM): The Complilation of Final Fantasy 7
“The Maiden who Travels the Planet”

Written by Benny Matsuyama
Published in the FFVII Ultimania Omega book.
English Version : http://xthost.info/ffwebnovel/
Thank you http://www.ffshrine.org for all picture and midi
HBK826 (10:33:46 AM): Okay
HBK826 (10:33:51 AM): Its a 3
Darquefyr (10:34:04 AM): What does that mean?
Darquefyr (10:34:24 AM): There is no official English translation it appears
HBK826 (10:34:43 AM): Lol nice
Darquefyr (10:35:52 AM): Here you go: http://one.xthost.info/ffwebnovel/maiden.htm
HBK826 (10:36:08 AM): Why ty
HBK826 (10:36:24 AM): I read the summary in his paper
HBK826 (10:36:30 AM): Its drivel
Darquefyr (10:36:37 AM): It takes place between FF7 and Advent children
Darquefyr (10:37:23 AM): At least it exists
HBK826 (10:37:23 AM): Its horrid
Darquefyr (10:37:33 AM): So you know the kid didn’t make it up
HBK826 (10:37:41 AM): True
Darquefyr (10:37:48 AM): FAIL HIM
HBK826 (10:37:49 AM): Small consolation
HBK826 (10:37:54 AM): Duh
Darquefyr (10:37:58 AM): YAY!
Darquefyr (10:38:09 AM): So what is this state exam
HBK826 (10:38:15 AM): Regents
HBK826 (10:38:22 AM): NYC english regents
Darquefyr (10:38:33 AM): Is it like the you have to pass this to graduate or an AP thing?
HBK826 (10:39:21 AM): To graduate
HBK826 (10:39:29 AM): He can past the test
HBK826 (10:39:36 AM): That essay is not acceptable
Darquefyr (10:40:19 AM): Lol.
Darquefyr (10:40:40 AM): What are you going to say “We do not allowed poorly translated Japanese fiction where you don’t even know the name of the author?”
HBK826 (10:41:04 AM): Don’t have to say
HBK826 (10:41:14 AM): Graded namelessly
Darquefyr (10:41:14 AM): nice
HBK826 (10:41:25 AM): If anyone else got that they’d have accepted it
HBK826 (10:41:32 AM): I almost feel bad
Darquefyr (10:41:43 AM): How come?
HBK826 (10:41:59 AM): Because it was luck of the draw I gt it
HBK826 (10:42:08 AM): I grade 60 of 300
Darquefyr (10:42:23 AM): That would mean that the other teachers were sloppy and didn’t fact check. Whenever I graded books or papers I’d altavista or google things to make sure it wasn’t plagarized and that facts were correct
HBK826 (10:43:00 AM): Can’t fact check
Darquefyr (10:43:07 AM): what do you mean?
HBK826 (10:43:07 AM): We all ask around
HBK826 (10:43:16 AM): We have to be done by 2
Darquefyr (10:43:28 AM): Oh. Oh wow
Darquefyr (10:43:36 AM): gotcha. Didn’t realize there would be a wacky time thing
HBK826 (10:44:37 AM): Yeah, its a pain
HBK826 (10:44:46 AM): Grades are due
Darquefyr (10:45:12 AM): At least you caught it. I think that’s pretty awesome
HBK826 (10:52:47 AM): Hah I’m happy with it
HBK826 (10:52:53 AM): Good story too
Darquefyr (10:53:02 AM): You should be. it’s proof than well rounded interests are important
HBK826 (10:53:27 AM): The kids read other books!
HBK826 (10:53:34 AM): Good student
HBK826 (10:53:40 AM): Just apparently a tool
Darquefyr (10:53:45 AM): lol
HBK826 (10:54:09 AM): Allllll about sephiroth
HBK826 (10:54:21 AM): I hit soldier all caps and was like… he couldn’t have
Darquefyr (10:55:28 AM): Oh my god. I want to read this
HBK826 (10:55:42 AM): Hah can’t. State property
Darquefyr (10:55:52 AM): I know, but it would be so hilarious
HBK826 (10:57:17 AM): Ill try and see if I can steal it
Darquefyr (10:58:06 AM): Oh don’t do that. I don’t want you to risk your job
HBK826 (10:58:52 AM): Hah I wouldn’t get caught
HBK826 (10:58:57 AM): I’d either failor succeed
Darquefyr (10:59:00 AM): lol

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