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Holy crap, I’m writing a lot today.

Holy fuck was this long and rambly. Under the cut you go.

1. Carnival Games was sent to me to review. It was sent to the MN address, which means I have to spend part of this evening updating my contact info with multiple companies out there. This will be my 141st review when its in the bag. Crazy.

2. I’m really feeling better about work after I got out all my complaints. The white lie about giving me flex hours, the underpaying me less than the minimum I requested. The complete negativity and “us vs. them mentality” in departments and the utter lack of communication between employees on all levels leading to the chaos everything is in. My big thing was just I was told benefits and job tasks would be A and yet they turned out to be B. Packing up and moving halfway across the country with that revelation waiting for me just did not make me a happy camper. I’m so used to work in almost TOO happy hippie commune type environments (FISH!, Pokemon, and others) that I just think the level of “point the finger and cover your ass” wasn’t something I could have begun to expect. Things are resolved though and that’s what’s important. I mean, I’m in a leadership position here and I’m the only one that seems to have a team mentality or a “The higher up you are the more you serve others” instead of the “you are my peons and all serve me” sort of thing. I’m probably displaying my naivity here by saying “People need to work together and get along and other sappy stuff” but hey, I write about cock fighting seizure monsters and pull out a meaning of friendship, honourable competition and the like. In the end though, I realize if they had been honest with me about what I was getting myself into, I’d have been a lot less down at the end of the day, leading me to vent here. Hell, I’d have probably been fine with it. But what’s done is done and things are resolved in my favour. I can’t ask for much more.

3. At the same time my freelance requests are going up since I looked into the idea of doing just that. I mean, writing full time again would be nice but it also involves not getting out much. It’s still worth considering. Right now I make more than most people I know just from the writing. At the same time, at 30, I’m pretty much typecast for what people want to pay me for. Pokemon is a given, but I’ve been on the ground floor of that and I enjoy being able to write for 7-10 years olds. They don’t want footnotes or a works cited page that’s as long as the essay. I don’t have to be in character as the swaggering OTT for comedy value egotistical dick like my video game/IP audience wants from me.They want brightly coloured pictures and some fluffy cute story or some tips on how to get a Deoxys for Pokemon Ruby. It’s a nice break from having to be in character some of the time.

Then there’s the folklore/history/sociology/anthropology papers/essays and columns I write. I mean I’ve taken a joke of a name and turned it into something respectable. Sure I still get the vampire/Castlevania/Hellsing/Dracula jokes and I always will unless I someday decide to change my name, but I have to admit at times…requests for yet another article on something have to do with the Undead and only the undead gets a little grating. I realize the in-joke value of me of all people writing about the Aswang or the whole legal debate over the silent film Nosferatu, but it’s at the point where I could probably pull out a column from five years ago to give to some indy mag or website or journal and they’d adore it as if I had just written it this week. I could never do that ethically, but I’m at the point where I know 2-3 of the next five unsolicited requests I get will include a ribbing about the name and a request to do something on that particular topic. It’s nice to know I can always find writing work if I need it though. There’s always a positive spin to put on things.

4. I find it odd more people respond to the facebook, lj, or whatever other syndications are out for this rather than the actual blog these posts originate in. Well, except for the old vampire hunter back in England. He doesn’t seem to be able to get wordpress to work for him properly commentwise still. You know…everytime I write anything about this topic I actually stop and sigh when I realize what I’ve written. I mean, I’m not a a vampire. I don’t dress like Gangrel from the WWF, I don’t have fangs, I’ve never tried living in dirt but I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy it, and last I checked my power of wolves and rats was nonexistant. Sometimes I wonder how this even got started. I’m pretty sure its because I was commisioned to write about his adventures in Highgate all those years ago, saw the name and he was like “AH HA! He must be Dracula under an insidious and clever disguise.” Isn’t it bad I can’t remember a time before I had someone who thought I was the lord of the undead simply due to the name?

5. In the end though, life is good. I’m lucky enough to have gotten this far on a mix of talent and luck. I have a large enough audience that I can jump back and forth out of the whole Sub-Cultural Icon character with people realizing what’s me being me and what’s me pandering to the people who allow me to pay my rent and not wear cardboard clothing in the whole “Sub-Cultural Icon” character. I’ll never be above say “Melissa River’s pet dog” in terms of fame or instant recognition. That’s fine though. it’s not the intent and if it ever did/does become that for me, I really will have an ego the size of a continent. At the end of the day I keep small children happy with articles about Pokemon, I keep gamers interested somehow with my long commentary on video games and what they should or shouldn’t spend their hard earned money on. I have professors and middle aged people who probably wear smoking jackets who enjoy my ability to talk about some obscure topic and give me money to put it in a journal or publication of which I would be hard pressed to find anyone familar with it. Oh, and I don’t have any diseases, my limbs are intact, and contrary to popular belief of British occult societies I enjoy days at the beach, the taste of garlic and I’m not living impaired. A bad day for me is generally whata lot of people consider a good one for them, and I always need to keep that in my mind.

Pity party from the past fortnight is over. Back to being annoyingly chipper and hyperactive.

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