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Cancun Part 2, aka the actual trip

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Part 1 is a protect post in my blog, so it’s real only for a) people I am close to and b) people who actually want to read where my head as been at and why I’ve been so quite about personal shit as of late compared to my usual almost TOO openess due to that whole “legal lack of privacy” thing. Ask and you may recieve. Sorry my legions of casual readers, young Pokemon zealots, crazy stalkers who think I am the Dracula and the cast of thousands - it’s not for you. For everyone else, here’s the actual trip!

Day The First

This was Guin’s first trip out of the United States so I wanted everything to run as smoothly as it could. The drive to BWI was fine, as was getting her through her first major airplane screening shit. Everything went so well probably because it was a Tuesday rather than a weekend or Monday/Friday. We got to the gate with an hour to spare, but because Guin was still sick from a bout of food poisoning she picked up before we left, I wanted to ensure her first trip was as good as I could make it, so I surprised her with an upgrade to first class seats. I know how bad international travel can be and if the woman I love was going to have to fly sick, at least she’d get special attention for it. At least that was the thought. The actual flight attendent was a pretty big bitch to her, which was uncool.

We got off the plane and customs was a breeze. Then it was off to our vehicle. The driver and his company were extra friendly and nice (as was everyone native to Mexico we encountered there), but some of the other passengers were looking to get shit faced before even arriving at their hotel. We on the other hand, were at a five star resort and we fell a little in love with it right away. After being brought to our room, Guin needed to lie down because she was sick and tried from all the travel and just not feeling well across the board. As she was famished, I ran across the entire resort (twice) trying to find her food. Unfortunately, we had arrived between all the places being closed and room service delivery didn’t start to six, so the poor pretty lady had to suffer for a bit. We ended up getting a pizza and it was Guin’s first encounter with real pepparoni rather than the kind you find on say, Pizza Hunt or Papa John’s pizza’s. We ended up going to bed early since Guin was sick, and she would sleep for roughly twelve hours. Poor girl. She even had a pretty bad nightmare that she woke up from with a horrified gasp. She couldn’t remember it but I stayed up the rest of the night watching over her, making sure she slept.

Day the Second

I got up early to jog that morning and quickly fell in love with the beach. it was rocky cliffs along one area, like the beaches I loved in Oregon and although there weren’t many waves, the little rhythmic pulse that there was helped me Zen out and start to get some much needed stress relief and life re-evaluation. I’d make it back to the room to wake up Guin, who was feeling better and we would head on over to the normal part of the beach where we got in the water, had my toes nibbled by fish and opted for a couples massage later in the afternoon as it was about to rain. We walked a lot that day and looked at everything from Mayan ruins to many different animals that lived on the resort like a plethora of lizards, a herd of deer, parrots and even a sleepy kitty we dubbed “Siesta Cat.”

After a mediocre meal at a buffet, and the hotel being a day late with my flower pedals on the bed for a little romantic ambience, we spent some time in a jacuzzi and then got our massages. We appeared to have recieved different massages even though I ordered the same thing for us, as my massuse spent a lot of time on my ass for a back, neck and shoulder massage…

For dinner we had a magnificant meal on the beachfront. We both had a red pepper salad with prawns and salmon, but as Guin didn’t like her salmon I traded her my giant prawn for it. Everyone wins. For the main course, she had shrimp and scallops in a chipotle sauce and I had the best tuna steak I have ever eaten. I managed to guess everything in Guin’s sauce with just a taste and got the basic recipe from the staff, so I can now make it for her whenever she wants it, as she loved it so much. We also split an eclair with mango mousse for dessert and I was told I had a very beautiful wife…which was a bit ackward.

After dinner it was back to the room where we discovered mystery animals (Look in my appropriate Facebook photo album. Don’t have access. Friend me if I KNOW YOU and I’ll friend you back) had eaten the remainder of last night’s pizza that we had left out to see what we could attract. We had one main one that claimed our porch as its own, but we’d get up to four of these strange mammals at once. We know now that they are called Couati, but Guin and I will always call the main one “Mystery Animal.” What can I say? We’re great with stupid but fitting names.

Day the Third

We walked more on the previous day that Guin usually does in several days, and her feet are far more delicate than mine so we took an easy day and basically went shopping and played in the pool. Guin fell in love with all the Mexican/Mayan silver and we picked up a few gifts for her friends. (No one asked me to get them anything. Ho ho ho.) We played in no less than three different pools and an outdoor jacuzzi and I ended up carrying her around several of the pools in my arms since her feet still hurt, which got us some comments about being romantic from strangers. It was also the first time I ever saw Guin drink. We had a far better lunch than the day before at the beachfront and even watched some Mexican TV out of morbid curiosity.

For dinner we went to “Paco’s Tacos” where we found Siesta Cat again! Turns out he is the Paco of Paco’s Tacos and he spends all night getting food from customers. We both had a quesadilla but I was starving from jogging, swimming and carrying so I ended up getting some tacos as well. I had a chorizo one, a steak based one and one of spicy cactus and bacon. We had ice cream and cookies for dessert and Guin had a foodgasm over hers. This was just a nice light relaxing day interspersed with food and animals. Guin’s dream this night was about her mother and she punched me in the nose thinking I was her.

Day the Fourth

This was our busiest day and by far the most memorable. I woke up early to go jogging and get tickets to the Xcaret park later that day. When I woke up there, I noticed a tiny lizard the size of two of my pinky digits on the wall near the ceiling walking around. it was cute and I let it be. When I got back, i woke her up and we dubbed it “room lizard.” From there it was off to the park where we saw everything from Mayan ruins to an old Mexican cemetary. We had an amazing meal there of all sorts of authentic Mexican dishes and we stuffed ourselves silly.

We finally got to see what made her originally agree to Mexico as her first international vacation - jaguars. More importantly, a panther, which is just a black jaguar). Guin has a very strong emotional and spiritual attachment to this animal and it was her first time seeing live and close enough that if she really wanted to, she could find a way to touch it (No cage, just an island to themselves). She was overwhelmed with emotion and actually cried over it. She told me the story of why this animal is so special to her and after hearing it, I purchased her a hand carved Panther head out of mahogony wood to take back as a reminder and to know that it will always be with her.

After that we returned to the resort and our room. By this time we had done enough walking that even MY feet hurt, so I can barely imagine what Guin, who doesn’t go running every day, was feeling. We decided to relax in the pools and jacuzzi for several hours and then eventually we went to the beach. It was super windy and it was high tide, so the beach was perfect. The waves were crashing against the cliffs with such force, I just Zen’d out with the noise and the salt and the mist and the sheer tranqulity of it all. It was the best No Mind experience I’ve had in years, and in just those few moments (which felt like hours), I had achieved a little of the inner peace I’d been looking for for a while, along with a strong idea of what to do and where to go next. Guin had no idea what I was doing out there (She couldn’t go out on the cliffs, especially not along the very edge where I was during this) but she said it moved her and she took several pictures of me out there. I’ll probably use one for my FB user pic for a while, as Cobra Commander is getting a bit old.

From there it was dinner at an Oriental fusion place. I ordered some Beef Satay and a Chicken Teriyaki (It was the best option I saw) and Guin ordered some fried rice and Shrimp Tempiyaki. She also tried Sake for the first time, and we learned her limit before being tipsy was a cup and a half of sake. The place was right next to Paco’s Tacos, but it wasn’t open that night and alas, that meant no Siesta Cat.

Day the Fifth/Leaving

We got up a bit early, finished packing and debated what to do with Room Lizard. If he stayed in the room, the next guests might freak and kill him or having housekeeping kill him. Outside, he was so tiny we were afraid birds or bigger lizards might get him. Finally, I brought him outside to our deck, where there was an ant farm and lots of bugs for him to eat. This seemed like the best possible compromise. We then had breakfast and saw Siesta Cat one last time before checking out and taking a MUCH NICER ride to the airport than he had arrived in.

Everything went fine through the airport, but Guin did get stopped by the metal detectors. I took her through her first duty free, she bought some more gifts for family and then we waited for our plane. I had upgraded our seats to first class from the beginning this time and as Guin was feeling well enough to fully enjoy it, we took full advantage of the comfort and special service it provides, and she spent most of the flight with her head glued to the window, seeing all the sights of Mexico from the air as we said good bye.

Going through customs at home was fine, but we did get a bit sidetracked as I got us on the “long term parking” bus instead of the “daily parking” bus. Every other airport I’ve been took has one or the other so that mistake cost us eight minutes of home time. We were going to do Carlyle for Crab Cakes and steak, but part of the way home, she changed her mind and wanted Five Guys, so we did that instead.

Once home I had a shitload of mail to wade through, the bunnies were actually really happy to see me and we ate while watching Sherlock Holmes which was cute but mostly forgettable.


We got up, snuggled a bit, Guin got ready and then we went to the train station to see her off. We texted back and forth for a while but then when she stopped, I went through all my personal email, work email, and DHGF email. I also managed to get MOSTLY caught up on day job stuff (a week’s worth in a day!) and then wrote these two long blog posts that you are reading now.

That was our trip. Guin and I would both like to go back some day, but she’s also charged me with looking into Hawaii, Japan, Iceland, Scandinavia, England and any place where she can now pet or hold a panther, so suffice to say we have a budding international jet setter on our hands.

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