DVD of the Day #259 - MST3K: The Giant Gila Monster

I think this is the first MST3K DVD I’ve reviewed this year, and this one has a special story behind it. Originally, a Godzilla film was the first disc in the 10th MST3K collection. However no one bothered to check that their rights to use Toho films had expired and Japan wasn’t going to let them renew it. So…everyone was sent this film instead. Actually, TGGM is funnier than the Godzilla film Joel and the Bots reviewed earlier, and it’s one of my favourite MST3K episodes, so I’m glad I got to watch it.

Before the film starts you get a little skit featuring the original cast (Save Kevin Murphy aka Tom Servo II, the one most people know as the voice) because Kevin was the only original cast member that still likes Mike Nelson and there’s some undisclosed feud. Which is generally most long time MST3K fans prefer Cinematic Titantic to Rifftrax as CT has Joel, Crow/Dr. Forrestor, Pearl, TV’s Frank and the original Tom Servo/Gypsy and Pearl and Rifftrax just has Crappy Mike Nelson, Awesome Kevin Murphy and the horrible Crow replacement everyone hated. 1 out of 3 vs a perfect roster? Stick with CT if you’re looking for new quality MST3K successors.

The Giant Gila Monster is a simple tale of a giant lizard who grows to gigantic size for undisclosed reasons. His arch enemy will be a singing mook who has an obsession with putting his knee up on things and writing songs like “I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing” or “The lord said, “laugh” and the children laughed and the lord said, “laugh” and the children laughed.” Simply put, the dude likes repitition.

After 90 grueling minutes of bad acting and hilarious commentary on the latest mutated monster film, it mercifully ends and the giant gila monster dies a terrible terrible death. No word from PETA on their feelings about that.

The skits are what make this episode as they range from the closet malt shop to the rock and roll band playing lizard related songs.

Overall a fun film, and one of the few MST3K’s on DVD that I wish was sold individually so I could buy it. Ah well, that’s why I have netflix. Now if only the Gamera films would be allowed to be re-released. I WANT A COKE.

Is It Worth Keeping? Yes, if I could buy it seperately. It’s the only DVD in set 10 I’d want to keep though
Rating: 6/10

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