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Archive for January, 2010

What I’ve Been Up To?

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Okay, I haven’t really been updating this with personal stuff for several months. That’s due to a lot of work, a lot of video game reviews needing to be done, a lot of reviews for Amazon in exchange for products they sent me, a lot of Pokemon articles and so on and so forth, but basically it’s been work central for without any real breathing room. Thankfully things have clamed down drastically and now I can use this for more than just reviews.

As I haven’t used this for a personal update in nearly TWO MONTHS, I figured I’d stop, catch my breath, and do just that.


Work is great. I’m still working with Catholic Charities doing all sorts of nifty statistical analysis and playing llasion between the Church and government organizations like TCP, the District itself and so on. It’s a lot of fun, but it can be exceptionally busy at times. It’s so worth it though as I get to work from home, although it does make me a little stir crazy when i have like a report that takes me twelve hours to compile only to have no where to go home to. Still, i wouldn’t change it for anything.

Still working for Pokemon. Still running Diehard GameFAN. Still working with Amazon. I’ve basically turned everyone of my hobbies or passion into an income providing job. Oy.


Mr. Chewie Biteums is the same as always - stoic and beautiful but not really the type of pet that likes to play or wants to be touched…unless it is at 4am. he’d rather sit up high and look down on things or simply try and steal all my food. Baby however has been a drain on the old wallet and mental health. In early November her second tear duct gave out, so both eyes have to be cleaned regularly. She also had to go to the Vet in Nov for Hairball issues and on December 28th for GI Stasis. GI Stasis is potentially fatal but thankfully Baby’s version was just severe gas. She’s back to her hyperactive attention seeking binge eating ways, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Baby is truly odd in the fact that she is the only pet I have ever seen that LOVES to take medicine. We’d get out the syringes and fill them with one of the four different goops she had to be on for five days and she would suck it down happily instead of being force-fed. she even tried to steal one or two of the syringes and do it herself. Silly bunny.


Healthy as always. i’ve been a bit slacking in the workout area due to work demands or other things coming up, but I’m still exercising at least four days a week. I did come down with some crazy constipation a few days ago, and so have been on a high fiber diet to clear that up. I’m all but back to normal, although eating a pound of edamame probably isn’t as good as say, a laxative or pill. Ah well, straight edge FTW.

Also, you can probably tell my ECW background because when I see, hear or write FTW it means “Fuck the World” where in Internet slang it means, “For the Win.” Oh Taz, what you’ve done to me.


I’ve been dating Guin for a hair over five months. That’s kind of different for me of all people isn’t it? The same person for more than a few weeks? That certainly doesn’t sound like me, right? But it is in fact so and things have been pretty awesome indeed. Guin actually stayed here for a hair over two weeks straight until yesterday (when she had to go back to West Virginia for work) and everything was great. It’s a little strange at times for me being in a monogomous and committed relationship as this is my first since 2002-3 (instead of the usual antics long time friends and readers know I can be infamous for), but I’m very happy indeed.

Other Shit

I’ve been going to a lot of events. I’ve seen a few plays, I took Guin to the Survivor Series (No really, she wanted to go), made a few new friends here and there, but most of the past two months have been work, work, and more work. I really haven’t had a chance to do much else. November and December were crazy months, but the next few months should be calmer and less work oriented (even though you’ll see a video game review up later today…)

That’s about it. Sorry to be so quiet. Occasionally I’ll post a quick mindfart of Facebook though, so you can always find me through that as well.

Diehard GameFAN 2009 Gaming Awards

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Diehard GameFAN’s 2009 Gaming Awards are up. Go check ‘em out.

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