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Archive for August, 2009


Monday, August 31st, 2009

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Everyone across all my social networks are talking about Disney buying Marvel Comics and like it’s the end of humanity.

People, Time Warner purchased DC many moons back and nothing horrible happened. Plus Disney gave us Hellraiser via New Line when it was around. This might also be your chance to finally get rid of Quesada. Look at the potential good. Also, the chance to kick a big poofy Iron Man in the butt at Disney World.

DVD of the Day #243 - G.I. Joe - Arise, Serpentor, Arise!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

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I picked this up off of Ebay for five bucks. It’s a compilation for the Serpentor mini-series that you could only buy with the a re-released toy playset. As I didn’t want to pay 30-50 dollars for the toys and just wanted the DVD, Ebay was more than willing to help me with a cheap purchase here.

This mini-series is basically here for three things:

1) Introducing new toys

2) Making Serpentor the new leader of Cobra

3) Shoehorning professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter into Contunity as the greatest warrior and military mind of the 20th century…even though he’s only a Sgt. and a drill instructor.

It’s a cute mini series and one of the better ones, even if the idea of Serpentor was stupid and they thankfully jetissoned him after two years. There are some neat things we learn in this mini series such as the G.I. Joe chain of command being Hawk, Duke, Flint, Beach-head and then Sarge. This would change to Hawk, Slaughter, Flint Beachead with the DiC series. It also lets Scrap-Iron get some attention for once and starts to develop the Wet-Suit/Leatherhead love-hate relationship.

The mini-series revolves around Cobra getting sick of losing all the time (Which is different from the comic where they won more often than not) and Dr. Mindbender deciding to create a new leader made up of the genetic material of history’s greatest bastards. Considering this would mean he is made of multiple people, including Sgt. Slaughter in cartoon canon (Storm Shadow in the comic) it’s no wonder he was a total nutjob that was unable to procure a single victory. No wonder they went back to everyone’s favorite used car salesman and pyramid scheme mastermind turned terrorist.

I’m glad to have this as it won’t be released by Shout! anytime soon outside the giant overpriced collector’s set. If I ever decide to dump it, I know a lot of people that’ll take it off my hands.

Cheap Plug Time!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

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I only ever post my reviews from DHGF over here but there are two other things worth checking out today if you’re looking for extra gaming content by your Subcultural Icon.

30 Days of Dreamcast: The Preamble Each day of September we’ll be covering a different DC game. This starts the ball rolling.

Sequel, Spin Off, Start Over or Stay Dead? This is a new column idea where my staff talks about a dormant franchise and what should be done with it. This week it is Mutant League Football.

DVD of the Day #242 - Room 6

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

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I admit I have seen the preview for this film like a dozen times before some bad horror films. It looked interesting, but because those films were so mediocre to fucking awful, I always passed on picking it up. Well, curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to give it a try. The result was a below average production with some decent acting by the main actress (Christine Taylor), some awful acting by everyone else involved, and a ham-fisted idea that assisted suicide is a horrible sin that will scare you forever and damn you to hell. Okay then.

Amy is a bit of a douche to her boyfriend, ignoring his proposal of marriage because she has to go to work. On the way home, the two get into an accident and he gets taken by an ambulance to an unnamed hospital. The driver of the other car, played by Sliders’ own jerry O’Connel loses his sister to a mystery ambulance in the same way and the two decide to hunt for their missing loved ones together. It also doesn’t help that Amy starts seeing hideous demons everyplace and has flashbacks to a blocked out memory of how her daddy died…which I’ve just spoiled for you so you don’t have to watch this.

Eventually we learn the whole thing is a trap to bring Amy into Hell because the is teetering on the edge of damnation for the assisted suicide and that her bf is at a haunted burned down hospital whose previous satanic staff live forever by eating people. Well, drinking their blood. And the nurses are all lesbians. Naked lesbians in fact, but only when the patients aren’t looking, which defeats the point and shows this really is hell.

The movie also has the annoy and automatic failure of an ending with the “It was only a dream” compounded by the “You’re already dead. Ho ho ho.” twist as well> Combining the two into one movie means the people involved should be shot.

is It Worth keeping? No.
Rating: 3.5/10

Alas, no cat for Alex

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

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Since I moved I’ve been considering bringing one of the neighborhood feral cats with me. Either Spider-Cat, Ninja Cat or Little Grey Kitten. However, every time I went back to the house, I never could find any of them. Friday however, I drove to the house after getting my car back to bring in the garbage cans. Spider Cat was sitting on the steps of the house next to ours and he came by and starting rubbing up against me and purring. I played with him for 15 minutes, then opened the dar to my car to get ready to leave…and he jumped right in and sat down in the back seat, nestled and purring. I decided, “What the hell?” and thought we’d test out Spider-Cat as a house cat.

Spider-Cat is the largest cat in the Nauck area and he’s definitely the alpha male even though he’s the most laid back cat I’ve ever seen. He purred the second he got in the car and never stopped purring all weekend. He was fine in the car, fine being stuffed into by backpack, wigged out by the elevator until I started petting him and then was instantly making himself at home, jumping on my couch and rolling around like he’d always been a house cat. It seemed like it was going to be a perfect fit.

The rabbits however, felt otherwise. Chewie was aloof Friday night, but by Saturday morning they’d pass each other with no wariness or alpha male crap. It was more, “S’up?” But then, Chewie has been raised with cats ever since I found him. He stayed with Terra and her cat Lydia when I was in Australia and with Summer’s cats on occasional trips. Chewie likes cats. He prefers girl cats, but at one point on Saturday Chewie and Spider were hanging out together under the couch.

Baby however feels strongly that he needs to leave and needs to leave NOW. As soon as she smelled the cat she started hyperventilating and screaming. This is odd because she’s used to cats from heather and Vlad’s place, but she totally freaked out. Of course, she was spastic and prone to panic attacks at the old house and here has been the jolly playful relaxed bunny she was when she first came to live with me so it appears she just really doesn’t like cats. At All. Spider-Cat tried to befriend her but she would either scream and run away stomping all the way, or worse, she went straight for his throat, trying to rip it out. As long as I keep the bedroom door and wash after touching Spider-Cat, baby is fine, but otherwise she’s been in a state of nervous breakdown for much of the weekend. Spider-Cat, for his part, at least realized quickly Baby hates him and would stay as far away as he could from her unless he really wanted to play with me or curl up on my lap. Only then would he brave the bedroom and a rabbit one-third his size.

Unfortunately, it also appears Baby is allergic to cats. back at the old house she developed tear eyes, but has been mostly fine since me moved. Since Spider-Cat has been here, her teary eye has been back to being a full blown thing I have to clean twice a day instead of once a week. It’s too bad because Spider-Cat really likes being a house cat and only made a move to get out of the flat once this weekend. I was really hoping to keep him, but as he brings out mental and physical ailments in Baby, who has already have a very rough life ranging from being abandonded when she was still around nursing age to being attacked constantly by Thylali, she deserves the first real bit of peace and relaxation she’s had in three years.

At least Spider-Cat has spent his whole life outside and everyone in the neighborhood takes care of him and feeds him and plays with him. He also has his whole family of cats to play with and hang out. Every time he’s got in the house back at the old placehe’s also let himself out so he does prefer to be outside. Still, I feel really awful about letting him stay inside from Friday night to this morning and then bringing him back to the outside world. He’s such a great cat and so friendly. He litter box trained himself immediately (Even if he only went poop once while being here and oh my god was it larger than what I do) and he’s the same cat that follows me jogging around the area, so I know he wants to be MY cat. But I have to put the bunnies first, especially as keeping Spider-Cat will make Baby die of a heart attack or make her rip his throat out, and she’s aggressive enough that she’s already tried. The rabbits have to come first especially as they can’t take care of themselves and Spider-Cat obviously can.

If anyone wants an awesome feral Maine Coon that really wants to be domesticated, let me know. At least I know Spider-Cat’s hangouts and the time he usual is around there so I can always pick him back up.

DVD of the Day #241 - From Dusk to Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

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I’ll just put it out there. This was one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen in my life. not only was it moving at a snail’s pace, but it was extremely boring, badly written, horribly acted and what the hell was up with the vampires in this movie having tentacles and other squick aspects? This makes no sense. This was american Shutter and One Missed Call bad and everyone involved in this movie is damned to hell for having participated in this sin against cinema itself.

Okay, here’s the horrible plot: Evil bad guy seduces the daughter of the hangman. As expected when he’s about to be put in the noose she saves him with Daddy Dearest in hot pursuit. The two end up going to a seedy bar/hostel in the middle of nowhere where we learn she is not actually human but the daughter of some ancient vampire and her real name is Satanico. yes, I can not make this shit up.

At the same time a group of idiots in a stagecoach are running around and they just happen to get into trouble that leads them to the bar as well. The bar is of course actually a deathtrap run by vampires and most every human dies horribly save for two.

I realize my description of the film makes it seem generic at best but nowhere near the hell that made gouging out my own eyes and stuffing them into my pee hole so people would remark on the blind guy with four testicles but it really was. I can not describe how badly acted this thing was or how the movie decided vampires are were-octopi and god knows what else. I can’t honestly single of a single kind word to say about this film except that after watching it, it went immediately onto swapadvd.com and some poor soul picked up. Good for me, bad for them. I think this might actually be the worst film I’ve seen this year.

is It Worth keeping? FUCK, NO.
Rating: 1/10

DVD of the Day #240 - Arc the Lad Complete Collection

Friday, August 28th, 2009

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I’ve always been a fan of the Arc the Lad video games. Well, the first three anyway. I also really enjoyed the first two episodes of the anime which I saw on VHS like back in 2001. I saw the whole collection on Swapadvd.com and was like “Hey, free $90 anime collection. Let’s do this!” Although the collection is housing in a flimsy POS box that was designed by retards or assholes, the anime is a lot of fun.

Although the anime is named after the titular character in the first game, the series is (mostly) based on Arc the Lad 2. The first 13 episodes follow the game pretty strongly, but the last 13 veer off is a totally different direction alltogether and are weaker than the first half of the series. Even then, it’s a fun little series with great animation and some excellent voice acting. I was happy to see how well this was done, as the only other anime based on a video game I can remember being of this quality is either Tales of Eternia, which was better than the game, or well…POkemon. Duh.

Your main character is Elk, a young member of the Hunter’s Guild who is a pyrokinetic blessed by the spirit of flame itself. As a young boy he watched the Silver Noah, the ship of the Outlaw Arc the Lad kill his entire village, He was then taken to a government scientific research facility where horrible tests were performed on him until he escaped and found Shu, an elder hunter who tick him in and became like an older brother to him. The anime starts with Elk and a fellow hunter saving an airship from a Chimera, a genetically engineered monster, where he discovers a girl named Lieza who has the power to communicate with monsters and beasts. Together, Shu, Elk, and Lieza discover a vast reaching conspiracy of evil and must…dare I say it, save the world from Darkness itself.

Fairly generic setup, but a well done series for the first half, and a slightly dragging and plodding second half that manages to be fun in places. I’ll definitely want to watch it again, and it’s really made me want to break out my Working Designs compilation of the first three games.

Is it Worth Keeping? Yes.
Rating: 6/10


Thursday, August 27th, 2009

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What do you guys read? At this point I’m down to Achewood, which hasn’t been good for a while, Penny and Aggie which has sucked since the original artist (and co-plotter) left, Goblins, which updates once a week, if that, Order of the Stick which has become rambly and flighty in terms of updates, and Lem’s Bunny which is the only one not having issues in terms of quality or updating frequency.

I used to read Devil’s Panties, Something Positive and Penny-Arcade, but the quality of those got so bad I couldn’t be bothered after a few years. At least they’re still around. I also used to love Elf Only Inn and Chugworth Academy, but both of those have been abandoned.

Two new ones I’ve picked up are Menage a 3 (although it’s got lame guest strips right now) and I’ve tried Eerie Cuties but it’s a bit too inspid for me.

What are you guys read for comicy goodness that I might want to check out?

Review #302

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition (PS3)
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Eidos
Genre: Action
Release Date: 08/25/2009

You know, when Batman: Arkham Asylum was first announced, I actually had no interest in this game. After all it was an Eidos game. Eidos is best known for their horrible Tomb Raider games and an utter lack of ethics when it comes to trying to buy, bribe or bully high scores out of reviewers. I can’t think of a game by Eidos I’ve ever actually enjoyed. Plus, the last time there was really good Batman game was back in the NES days with the Keaton-Nicholson movie tie-in. Batman: Vengeance for the Gamecube is probably the runner up and even then…it had issues. So Eidos plus a licensed title equaled a must miss in my mind.

Then things started happening. Rocksteady got a large chunk of the voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series to do the voices. What can I say, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill were enough to get my attention. Then the game actually looked pretty good from screenshots we were shown. Then the collector’s edition was announced. My own batarang, some bonus content and a leatherbound book? Okay, my interest was piqued and I decided to review this. Then the demo for the game came out and shock of all shocks, it was a lot of fun and the controls were exceptionally tight. I was shocked and now really looking forward to Arkham Asylum and its eventually release date.

So now it’s out and here we are. How does Arkham Asylum hold up? Is it yet another Eidos title destined for the garbage dump, do we have the first high quality Batman title in twenty years, or maybe, just maybe, we have a solid Game of the Year contendor?


Thursday, August 27th, 2009

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$1300 for a new Water Pump and timing belt. I wish this had been discovered on Monday so we could have done it all at once. That’s like two grand for the car this month and I’ve only put 1,000 miles on it since April.

Ah well, she is nine years old and it’s only a matter of time for this stuff to start going. At least it only has 66,000 on it.

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