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Archive for July, 2009


Friday, July 31st, 2009

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With 9 minutes before I go over to the new house, my RAZR appears to have fixed itself. The new phone is coming on Monday though. I guess I’ll fiddle with the new one and if I don’t like it, I’ll just send it back.

DVD of the Day #212 - ECW Extreme Revolution

Friday, July 31st, 2009

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THis is a collection of seven ECW matches from before Vinnie Mac purchased it. These matches ranged from 1996 to 1999. This is, I believe, the first DVD release by ECW.

1. Rob Van Dam Vs. Jerry Lynn 05/16/1999 - Standard ECW TV title match. Lynn and Van Dam had good chemistry but the matches were never as GREAT as Heymen wanted you to think. Fun little match, but nothing really amazing. 1/1

2. Mike Awesome Vs. Masato Tanaka 11/7/1999 - Mike Awesome World Title defense. There’s no such thing as a bad match between these two. Garbage wrestling at its finest. Just spot fests and crazy OTT violence from beginning to end. 2/2

3. The Sandman/Raven - 12/7/1996 This is the barbed wire match where Raven beat Sandman for the ECW title. Look, I like both men, and thought the angles they had were outstanding, but the matches? no. I don’t really think either are that good in the ring. 2/3

4. The Dudleys Vs. Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley 08/14/1999. Ew. Four men that can’t wrestle. At least Balls is amusing. Definite pass. I will never understand how the Dudleys got over besides their rampart mysogony. 2/4

5. The Eliminators Vs. Terry Gordy and Steve Williams 10.26.1996. Wow, two great teams, four great wrestlers, one awful fucking match. This was near the end of Terry’s drug addled brain damaged life and it really shows. A lot of blown spots, bad wrestling and it was sad to say, quite boring. This was worth watching as it is the only match these two teams ever had, but was it good? Fuck no. 2/5

6. Sabu/Taz - Barely Legal 04.13.1997. This is arugably the biggest match ECW ever had. It was the headliner of their first PPV and was 16 months in the making. It hasn’t aged well as the hype behind it is long since gone, but it’s still a fun match. Sabu should have been the one to go over at the time, but in retrospect it all worked out for the best. 3/6.

7. Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty Vs. Shane Douglas and Francine. Ugh. Shane Douglas is boring as shit in the ring and on the mike. When Tommy Dreamer is your best natural athelete in the ring, you know you’re in trouble, and this is coming from someone who fucking loves Tommy Dreamer. 3/7

This one isn’t a keeper, but it is long out of print and pretty hard to find these days. I’ll pass it on to someone who can appreciate it more than I.

Is It Worth Keeping? No.
Rating: 4.5

DVD of the Day #211 - Garfield and Friends Volume Five

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

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Man, Garfield has gotten a lot of play this year from me. I blame Swapadvd.com.

The collection contained episodes 97-121 of the erstwhile cartoon shot. Season Five has cut out a lot of the song and dance numbers that used to plague US Acres and in fact, there was only one song that I could think of and that involved ants, which was actually really catchy. There is a little more continuity here, with references to other episodes and a lot of fourth wall breaking. Alas, there is no Binky the Clown, which really is the reason to watch this show. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY KIDS!

A nother interesting note, they finally start doing US Acres/Garfield crossovers with Garfield, Nermal and Odie all appearing in differences episodes. Nice touch, as Lorenzo Music would once voice act. There’s also a two part episode where Jon dates a Goth who is into baseball cosplay. No, really. There’s also an episode where we learn Barney the dinosaur is in fact a real carniverous T-Rex and he’s just disguising himself.

There’s nothing here super amusing, but nothing really bad either. It was fun to watch but I can’t honestly say there will ever be a time when I will say, “Man, I really need to see Garfield and Friends Volume Five” again.

Is it Worth Keeping? No, but it was worth watching.
Rating: 5.5/10

This tells you something about technology…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

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In 15 days my Sega Genesis will be TWENTY YEARS OLD It still works perfectly.

I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn’t had an RROD at least twice on their Xbox 360.

RIP Little Motorola RAZR

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

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It lasted for four+ years but it finally died tonight while talking to my dad. The VM icon is always on, and I can’t hear unless it’s on Speakerphone. As I don’t need a Smartphone since I work from home and the computer is thus always here (not to mention the work provided blackberry), I’ve gone with the Samsung behold. I figure it’ll be a nice starter touch phone and it has pretty good reviews on Amazon and C/Net.

Also, as Guin is a texter, I upgraded to actually having text messages on my plan.

I was tempted to do an 8gig Iphone, but as I don’t need the mandatory smart phone service, it’s was basically doubling my phone bill for something I’d never use most of the features for anyway.

DVD of the Day #210 - Batman

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

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You know, after watching this, I actually prefer this to either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. Sure Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is a bit darker and more psychotic than in the comics, but he does a great Batman. Much better than Christian Bale who does an awful Batman but a great Bruce Wayne. If only they could have combined the two.

Nicholson is awesome as Jack Napier/The Joker, mainly because he looks and acts like the Joker from the comics and was clearly the inspiration for Mark Hamill’s Joker in B:TAS. Unlike Ledger who is just playing a psychopath that is in no way shape or form related to the actual Joker character save the name, Nicholson’s is a direct re-creation of Englehart and Denny O’Neils runs in the comic and you actually feel like you’re watching the character come to life. That’s not to say Ledger and Nolan’s intepretation isn’t an interesting and good one - just that this is more faithful to the source material, for good and ill.

I think what we all know what this movie is about. I mean who HASN’T seen it in the twenty years (nearly to the day) since it came out? BRUCE WAYNE’S PARENTS ARE DEAD! Now he’s Batman. Oh shit, he accidentally dumps this guy in chemicals. Now this guy is crazy and looks like a clown and kills more people than usual. Batman and Joker right it out. Good guys win and get laid by hot journalists. The end.

Obviously there is more to it than that. Burton was CLEARLY influenced by Miller’s The Dark Kinght Returns and we see that with both character designs and the general layout of Gotham City. We also get a nice mix of comedy and violence and some excellent acting from all of the people involved. Basinger, Keaton and Nicholson could have easily phoned it in and still made money off this film because hey, it’s freakin’ Batman! But they didn’t. They took the roles seriously and the end result was a movie that was universally applauded and was pretty much the standard bearer for this genre of films for 13 years until the first Spider-Man. Unlike Marvel’s big film though, this has aged well where Spidey hasn’t. It’ll be interesting to see where we are in another ten years and whether this or TDK remains the best comic book film for your buck. Personally my money’s on the superior acting job of the 1989 Batman combined with the fact it feels like a comic book come to life.

Is it Worth Keeping? Yes.
Rating: 8/10

Review #298

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

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Wii Sports Resort
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Sports/Mini-Games
Release Date: 07/26/2009

The original Wii Sports came as a pack-in with the Nintendo Wii at launch. Although immediately dismissed a tech demo by critics, gamers around the world fell in love with it instantly. It’s not an understatement to say it is this game, and this game alone that single handedly won the Wii this generation’s console war (so far). According to some dodgy figures by Edge Online, Wii Sports is the best selling game of all time. Because it is a pack-in, it’s hard to take those numbers, like Super Mario Bros. seriously because you had to get the game no matter what. Still, 45.7 million copies of Wii Sports have been sold worldwide which is staggering.

Now here we are a few years later with Wii Sports Resort. I have to admit, as much as I enjoyed the original Wii Sports, fifty dollars for a dozen new mini sports games seems a bit pricey. I became more skeptical when I learned it didn’t have online play (although the Wii is more about face to face interaction anyway, so this was more a minor quibble) and that two of the sports were repeats from the original. Why do that? It’s not like every North American with a Wii doesn’t already have access to those games?

However, to sweeten the deal, Nintendo included the new Wii MotionPlus with the game. Still, even with that pack-in, fifty dollars still seemed a bit pricey for a mini game compilation. However, like many I underestimated Wii Sports at first as well, so I decided to give the game the benefit of the doubt knowing that I may beat repeating the same mistake.

So how is Wii Sports Resort? Does it have a chance of winning our Sports Game of the Year award like the original did back in 2007, or was Nintendo unable to recapture the same magic twice?

You know what I love?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

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Last minute property closing amendments. Ugh.

And it’s Tuesday

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

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Man, I had planned to go to bed early last night but I was blitzed with emails, IM’s, rss responses to my blog, facebook messages, facebook IM’s and more so quickly that I stayed up until 1am answering most of them. It still continued when I woke up too. Oddly enough, no real reponses here. However due to several days in a row of only four hours of sleep or so, I am so knackered that my neck wants to break off my head and hop away back into the bed. I’ve got too much to do though so I can’t.

Thanks for all the commentary BTW. Heck, even my best friend from high school IM’d me out of the blue last night and we talked for an hour. Crazy.

Today it is writing Wii Sports Resort, in the evening, doing some HUD stuff right now, working out to the Arc the Lad anime (which is really good) and playing with hyper spazzy bunnies. I have a Pokemon check to deposit in the bank, a light bulb to buy for the stove and it’s time to pack up the video game systems save the Wii and PS3. Now it’s back to working out, even though my body really doesn’t want too.

DVD of the Day #209 - The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

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You know, I love Curt Hennig. Growing up on the AWA, I got to know him long before he was Mr. Perfect, but that first run in the WWF really was his golden era. I also enjoyed his later WCW work with the nWo and the West Texas Rednecks, but I was surprised that Hennig got his own DVD simply because he was a midcarder and JTTS for most of his career post AWA.

The documentary included here is nice, but it’s mainly about Curt as a family man and his AWA years simply because there wasn’t much he actually did of note in the WWF save for making other wrestlers, like Bret Hart and Kerry Von Erich, look good and help get them over. It’s a shame, but there really isn’t any focus on hios actual career or feuds here - mainly because everyone he feuded with is either dead or out of the business. His WCW years had an actual look at angles with his time as a Horsemen, the nWo and his “Rap is Crap” video, but all we really get out of this documentary is that Curt was a good family man, who died from too much cocaine, and who really had a bit of a fecal fetish. In the end, this documentary is a bit disappointing as there’s not much we really learn about Curt’s wrestling career.

The matches included are pretty poor too. They include a 60 minute draw between Hennig and Bockwinkel, but not the match where he wins the world title. They have a generic tag match between Hennig and Hall and Steve Regal and Jummy Garvin, but not the 58 minute classic consided one of the best matches of 1985-86. The WWE matches are pretty crappy ones. Hennig Vs. the Red Rooster. Really? They’ve got a Hogan match, THREE Hitman matches, a KVE match the horrible Perfect/HBK match from Summerslam 1993. Seriously? Three Bret Hart matches? Why? Show a little variety!

I would have loved to have seen better matches from WCW than yet another Bret/Curt match. What about Hennig and Whindam and their 2/3 fall match against Benoit and Malenko? What about Hennig/The Giant when he perfect-plexes Paul Wight? There are a ton of great WCW matches from Curt’s run. Give us one of those instead.

Overall, this collection is far from perfect and Mr. Perfect deserved a lot better than this.

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