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Archive for December, 2008

Halloween Pics - Under the Cut

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

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Dan’s started to upload Halloween pictures from Salem, MA. Take a look at Akuma in all his glory. Along with his mysteriously changing arm size. geez. In some of these my forearms look like twigs while my biceps look inflated and in others they look normal. Ah the evil of film…

On Which We Debate That Which Should Not be Debated

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

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Generally when it comes to bizarre topics, my friend Vlad and I feed on each other in what eventually becomes a downward spiral into depravity. Case in point last night as we discussed a particular topic thanks to a trip to a place called BJ’s.

Eventually, after we stopped laughing like 3rd graders at the name, the topic changed to tea bagging - a sexual act in which one dips their testicle sac into the mouth of another person. This prompted me to wonder if this act has a name, why doesn’t the act of pooping in one’s mouth. After all, there are two different words for people who eat feces (One is you just like to and another if you suffer a mental addiction to it). We have thus decided to take it upon ourselves, with the power of the internet, to name this act, simply for classification purposes.

Please take a moment out of your day and participate in this poll. It is set up so you can add your own answer if you do not like any of the selections currently offered. Please feel free to link to this poll and/or post, as the only way we can truly name this physical action is through group participation, debate, and conjecture.

Please note that this is group participation meaning discussion, not a collective of people mouth pooping. If you are unfortunate enough to have a LJ and are reading this through an RSS of my blog, please come through to the actual home blog itself, as LJ has issues supporting Javascript through the RSS feed (Along with basic html, coldfusion, XML and other types of coding. Stupid RSS feed.)

Cyber Monday purchases

Monday, December 1st, 2008

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1. Cooking with Jaimie Oliver for the DS - $9
2. PS3 back up cords. $4.95
3. HD DVD player + 2 random DVD’s - $45 + $5 shipping (backup for my toshiba)
4. Five pairs of pants from JC Penny - $105

This is the big one and deserves its own post. Borders is selling all their HD DVD’s for 9.XX Between $9.01 and $9.99 so I picked up seven different ones. Which brings my HD DVD collection up to 37, or 39 if these two coming with my DVD player are ones I don’t have. The reason i purchased these specific HD DVD’s is because A) I always wanted them and B) They were crazy expensive - most $50-$100. Here they are

1. Planet Earth -David Attenborough version (I’ll give Heather and Vlad my non HD version i guess. Or maybe my dad) Usually? $98.99
2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Pacific North West Ballet. Usually $40.00.
3. Die Fledermaus by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Usually $40.99
4. Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute) at the Royal Opera House. Usually 40.99
5. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise [HD]. usually $75.99
6. Heroes Season 1. Usually $109.99 (This will probably go on my swapadvd.com site, netting me a bunch of credits…)
7. Swan Lake by the Paris Opera Ballet. usually $40.99

Each of these are amongst the most expensive HD DVD’s ever released and even after the format went defunct, these have kept their market value (Except Heroes, and this is still the cheapest I’ve ever seen it). I really All of these are artsy fartsy snooty elitist crap, but I’ve wanted them all so super excitement force go! Total spent? $69.04 + free shipping.

Expensive Cyber Monday. But well worth it.

Friday and the Weekend

Monday, December 1st, 2008

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Friday was me getting up at 5:30am. I shit you not. But it wasn’t for Black Friday reasons as you might suspect. Nope. I was up at the Gym, getting Scott’s booty into his personal trainer. I spent two hours working out and then the two of us ran some errands, washed his car and basically relaxed while the stores were crazy. I picked up two things on Black Friday - both from Amazon.com Heavenly Sword for $19.99 and that new cooking thing from Nintendo for $9.90. I just missed the Fallout 3 for the PS3 for $35. Damn. They had Smackdown vs Raw 2k9 collectors edition for $40, but I decided to pass on that due to the CAW issues. I did manage to pick up a very nice copy of PANZER DRAGOON SAGA for $150 though.

For dinner we went to Qcumbers, and then we came back and a bunch of us watched The Hulk. Not bad. Much better than the first, and very much like the Bixby version.

Saturday was flying back home. I got up around 6am and we hung out for a bit and got rolls at Isle Buns before I took off. Then I came home, played with bunnies, said hi to heather and Vlad, wrote two articles for Pokemon, got Five Guys for the three of us and read a bunch of graphics novels that arrived while I was gone. yay for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man!

Sunday Was writing my Metal Slug 7 review, editing stuff, working out, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find my checkbook. Now I’m back int he office plugging away like a manaic.

Weds & Thurs

Monday, December 1st, 2008

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Okay, I checked out of my hotel Weds morning. Unlike Tuesday morning, there was no blackout. I drove 180 miles in 2 hours up to Fergus Falls in that awful Dodge Calibur which has cemented my disdain for American cars forever.

I hung out at my father’s for an hour. He’s a nice enough guy but he’s got some racial issues, as does my mother’s side. Oddly enough they both loved Elisa. Well, maybe not that odd considering she was one of the few white women I’ve ever dated and was quite British. From there we drove another hour to Fargo, ND to help him do some shopping. I found a Software Etc. (Remember those???) that offered a used Copy of Fatal Frame III: The Tormented for $40. They were also doing a buy 2, get 1 free used game sale, so I was going to pick up that, Bujanki the Forsaken City and Shadow of Destiny. But I put them back as I was going to pick them up at the end of the day and then promptly forgot in all the running around.

We ate ate a “Golden Corral” which my dad adored. It’s replaced his beloved Royal Fork and it’s basically a supersized OCB. Whatever makes him happy. The food was actually better than OCB, and this marked my second “All you can eat” experience in MN.

After that I dropped him off and went to my friend April’s house who I haven’t seen in a decade. She’s now a mom and police office on the MN/ND border. It was great catching up with her. I also learned how cheap property is in Western MN as she’s a realtor on the side. 2 bed/2bath recently sold for $35K! I need to become a Midwestern slumlord!

After that it was back to my dad’s to spend more time with him and a late dinner at a Perkins. Sleeping at his place was odd because well, he’s a packrat and I’m very much about wide open spaces. Plus it smelled funny.


Oh my god. What an awful Thanksgiving. We awoke and left at 9am to drive 2 hours northwest into Lisbon North Dakota to pick up my 95 year old Grandmother for Thanksgiving. In the 15 months I have been gone she appears to have picked up a hideous murming noise that she is unaware of. it sounds exactly like a death rattle except it NEVER STOPS. It is the worst sound I ever heard and Scott negelected to tell me in fear that i wouldn’t pick her up and take her to Thanksgiving. It was such an awful noise I dry heaved from it. I shit you not. And she’s not even aware she’s making it! How can you not tell you are making a noise? You FEEL IT in your body, right?

Anyway, this Thanksgiving was 40 miles away so I drove Grandma and my dad to Oakes, ND where we had Thanksgiving with Scott’s side of the family. Like my father’s Side, Scott too is a bit tweaked out by his smalltown Midwestern side of the genetic clan. His wife Shae, is even more creeped out. The two of us mainly stuck together as Philly Boy and LA Girl. Thankfully there was a gym open next door to the event, so I walked over there and worked out for 45 minutes or so.

About 4pm I decided I needed to get the hell out. Scott’s mom agreed to drive my grandma back (Thank god!), so I managed the 300+ mile drive in four hours (which included dropping my dad off) and then waited for Scott and Shae to get back, which was about 10pm. I was considering taking in a movie, but nothing looked good. Instead I found a Perkins (Two days in a row, ew) and ate some pie and read until they got back into the Twin Cities. Then I crashed in their guest room and went to bed.

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