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Archive for April, 2008

Yay for Heather!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Fuck you Food Network! Fuck you horrible bastardization of Iron Chef that is rigged and has people that aren’t even real chefs on. Fuck you horrible native american guy from Brotherhood of the Wolf pretending to be related to Kaga when you’re not even Japanese! Fuck you dumb ass America for buying into that crap.

Praise be to the owners of the Food Network, Scripps Network for realize how shitty the Food Network has become and their Fine Living channel, which is closer to the original FN that we all fell in love with to begin with.

Praise be to Fine Living as starting May 5th…IRON CHEF JAPAN RETURNS! Five nights a week! WHOOO! REAL IRON CHEF! REAL IRON CHEF!

Now I have to getfucking fios to stop being a bitch and start working properly for me so I can watch it.

Two Awesome People Share the Same Birthday

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Happy getting closer to death Phil and Dawn!

FYI to all the new DHGF staff -

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

You should all be approved and able to use the staff forums. Adam, Wulf, and Danny have all gotten review copies of games already and we have a pirate type game open for one of you to claim! GO TO IT!

Another Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

1. Sherlock Holmes vs. Lupin III arrived yesterday for review. Dreamcatcher is really pumping them out. Both Mark and I were like “Ooooh!” but our plates are full with other games, so off to Danny Cox it goes.

2. Rondo of Swords is a neat game, but a very unusual Tactical RPG. It’s such a huge paradigm shift, that I’m not sure if I like it or not.

3. Big Ebay day yesterday. I snagged a new Wi-Fi USB Wii adapter so I can go back online with the Wii again (and buy Yoshi’s Cookie and River City Ransom). Also got At World’s End on Blu-Ray for $10 and a talking Barney/NPH figure. Awesome!

4. HIMYM was great as always last night. New Robin Sparkles video! Whoo!

5. All three presidential candidates were on WWE Raw last night. I missed it (No shock there, but all I can find on youtube are clips of all three blended into one montage. All three were hideously awful though, as they talked down to the viewers as if they were morons and used a crapton of wrestling catch phrases in an attempt to see hip. Oy.

6. I’ve got an interview lined up to talk about DHGF.com and our writers. Apparently we’re making some pretty big underground waves and the vast majority are positive comments. Good to hear.

7. I have to pick up Cloverfield, mail a game, and pick up Battle of the Bands for the Wii today. Busy errand day, and of course all three are in completely opposite directions.

Whoooo! Monday!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Man, this was a busy weekend of writing and gaming and exercising.


People were over for food and hangings out and watching people try my ab wheel and Allan wanting to buy a Wii as it is exercise.

Speaking of the Wii and exercise, I might be a guineau pig on the Wii Fit to see just how much of a workout it can take. Yay!

Saturday: Got up early and went for a jog. Has a Sushi lunch with Heather and Vlad and a lot of Pokemon type stuff. I went to see “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and OH MY GOD GO SEE THAT MOVIE. I was laughing from beginning to end as it was just completely hilarious. It’s up there with “Super Troopers” and “Harold and Kumar” for me.

Sunday: Went for a walk in the rain. Ate brunch. Came home. Worked out even though I was really dizzy most of the day. Watched “Dead and Deader” which is a cute little zombie flick, and went to bed early due to dizziness.

Well, in retrospect the weekend wasn’t as busy on paper as it felt.

I’m going to hit my 200th review by December it appears. Jesus god.

Review #177

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
Developer: Chunsoft
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Mystery Dungeon
Release Date: 04/21/2008

In the fall of 2006, Chunsoft and Nintendo released what went on to be the best selling Fushigi Dungeon games in North American history: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Although the game received lukewarm praise from critics, like ALL Fushigi Dungeon games in the US, the game sold exceptionally well for this style of game and allowed gamers to play as a Pokemon instead of a trainer for the first time in the series’ decade plus history.

The staff here of Diehard Gamefan voted the Red Rescue Team version of the game as the “Best Game Boy Advance Game of 2006″ but also the “Best Turn Based RPG” of that year as well. I reviewed both games for the site and they received a 7.5 from us (back in the days when we lowered ourselves to using a numerical score). If you are interested, here are the reviews of each:

Red Rescue Team (GBA)
Blue Rescue Team (NDS)

This is my third time reviewing this game. I reviewed the Japanese versions of the game for Beckett’s Pokemon Collector magazine some time ago, and I reviewed the US version of Explorers of Time a couple months ago for the same publication. So I’m pretty familiar with these games, arguably more so than any other Western reviewer simply due to the length of time I’ve had the English version of the game.

So let’s take a look now and see if Chunsoft was able to strike gold twice, or if a successful Fushigi Dungeon game was simply the exception that proves the rule.

Review #176

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Riddle of the Tomb
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Developer: Kheops Studio
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 3/31/2008

I’d never heard of Riddle of the Tomb when I learned it was on the way to review. After doing some investigation I learned the game had been previously released in Europe under the name CLEOPATRA – A Queen’s Destinyand was made by the same development team currently putting the finishing touches on Dracula 3 – Path of the Dragon for Microids. The fact Kheops was doing the third game to THE adventure game series that brought me back to this genre of gaming filled me with a great deal of optimism, even thought I greatly miss France Telecom Multimedia (the original dev team for Dracula: Resurrection and Dracula: The Final Santuary.)

However I’m not so found of some of the other games I learned they developed, such as Safecracker or Return to Mysterious Island. Still, this game received decent reviews in England and I was just coming off a great adventure game like The Lost Crown so I was more than happy to play another game that was sure to be steeped in folklore and legend.

What I experienced was well, not at all what I expected.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Not a joke. Not a fansub. It’s officially announced and in development.

Holy crap. MK vs DC might be our current gen answer to Marvel vs. Capcom.

Ha ha ha. Okay no. Not really. But here’s hoping. DC’s needed a kick ass game for a long time now.


Friday, April 18th, 2008

Half day today. SWEET!

Halfway done Riddle of the Tomb. it’s looking like a 3.5-4. Poor Dreamcatcher. Hopefully Lee and Mark’s games are better than this. Of course Gamespot gave it a 7.0 when the game has horrible bugs in it and mouse clicking detection issues. As I told Mark and Vlad, the recommend Ram for the game is 128K. I have 2 GIGS. Yet it still plays like I’m trying to run Doom 3 on an Apple 2E. Oy.

Beautiful day out today. it was 7- when I woke up. I’m going for a several mile run when I get home.

I has Ostrich for lunch yesterday. SO GOOD.

There was a post last night in Jessica’s LJ that was so sweet it made me donate towards poor little Evidence the Zebra. It looks like he’s going to be okay, and his surgery costs have been covered, but every little bit helps!

Pretty laid back weekend to make up for the busy hiking and Baniff Saturday I’ve having next weekend. Well, if by laid back I mean, “Writing a review of a crappy game and churning out a bunch of Pokemon articles.”

Busy Thursday!

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Man, work is busy, I’ve just signed up 8 new writers for tryouts to Diehard GameFan, and have a big ol’ flyer in InDesign to make today.

Tonight it’s a marathon of Riddle of the Tomb and perhaps some lawn mowing.

The starter for the 4th edition D&D (Heh. I still instinctively type AD&D) arrived yesterday. It’s interesting. Nice minis pieces but the quality is down from say…War Drums.

Analiese came over yesterday day for some sleeping with and eating action. We went to Bangkok 54 for the Thai new Year celebration, but I waited too long in the week as the special Thai import fruits are all gone. SAD! Afterwards I jogged home and did some DHGF stuff. I was super busy but I don’t feel like I got anything doen last night.

Dan! You lied to me. Harold and Kumar 2 doesn’t open until April 25th! BASTARD! Pathology, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Where in the World is Osama Bin Ladin all come out this week so it’s a good week for movies.

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