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Archive for February, 2008

Lyrics game! Behold my awful taste in music!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

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20 songs. All randonly chosen by my ITunes. Guess the song and band from the snippet.

1. Blowing way. My dream is your nightmare. Start to pray

2. Dave Jadisky, man this cat can swing.He weighs almost 50 pounds and he delivers my paper on time. -Daves I know by Bruce McCullough BLOGTARD

3. When he gets in a scrape, he makes his escape with the help of his friend, an ape named Ape. “George of the Jungle” by Weird AL -Degenx

4. It lightens up my day, and that’s oh so true. Together we’re one separated we’re two. “Girl You Know Its True” By Milli Vanilli - Gloomchen

5. There were days when I went completely blind. No time to think and I lost time.

6. I can’t behind a driver who drives like a student driver! If you’re going to drive an urban assault vehicle then get off the phone and keep your eyes on the road! “I can’t get behind that” by William Shatner & Henry Rollins-hansen9j

7. Your nose it runs, you bust your buns. You always finish last. “Sick of You” by Gwar -hardygrrlx

8. Your legs are strong, and you’re so, so long. And you don’t come from this town “So Alive” by Love N’ Rockets -Blogtard

9. I forget myself. I want you to remind me (Goth Cover so either that band or the original counts) “Touch Myself” by Divinyls (although this version was by the Genitorturers) -DEGENX

10. Just jealous cause I said it. Woke up out of leather, but I wont live to regret it.

11. I never meant to hurt you. Or sleep with all your friends. “NFB” by Anthrax- -Gloomchen

12. Far away. Omou mama wa ga mama ni. Tabi o tsuzukete yukitai. Tsurai hibi mo egao de PIRIODO yo. (Yes, it’s romanized Japanese)

13. You say you wanna go for a spin. The party’s just begun, we’ll let you in. “Rock and Roll All Night” -KISS -DEGENX

14. I feel fine and I feel good. I’m feeling like I never should. Bizzare Love triangle by New Order -Gloomchen

15. Every night makes me hate the days. Can’t get enough of your love. “Ooh Ah, just a little bit” by Gina G -Misha

16. The one and only reason is fun fun fun. I said well baby (Well baby) we’ve only just begun.

17. To denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach to the stars above. “Team Rocket Song” by well…Team Rocket I Guess -Gloomchen

18. Out of the darkness you stumble into the light. Fighting for the things you know are right “Dare” by Stan Bush -Misha

19. Yeah, It’s the sex, the god, the fake’s, the fraud “Across the Nation” by Union Underground -spookshow1313

20. Well every time I call my baby to try to get a date. My boss says, “No dice son ya gotta work late.” Summertime Blues _Eddie Cochran Don

Whoo! Another 3 Day Weekend!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

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I’m halfway to work when I get a text from Alana saying the boiler in the office building died last night, so the President of NTN closed the building for the day because it could only get up to 62 degrees. Nice! So I’m at home today. I’ll be writing two Pokemon articles this morning, shipping them off to Doug, working out and then playing LOST until I pass out in the early hours of the mroning.

The game is decent. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll like the game. Only half the cast does their actually voice work, meaning Calire is actually played by claire, and Ben plays ben, but they have really bad “sound-alikes” for Sawyer and Locke. So on and so forth.

Playing LOST is a mixed bag. The game tells you your objective but then you have to figure out what/where to go. For example, your first mission is to follow Vincent back to the plane crash, but there’s a bit of a problen. Sometimes Vincent doesn’t react to your character and twice he just…disappeared. Weird. Still, it is an interesting game that reminds me of “Razzle Dazzle” from seaon 3, and the game oozes style. The first time I head the “tcka-tcka-tcka” of the Smoke Monster I was like “Uh oh.” Then I saw it and well…I died.

The game also plays exactly like episodes of LOST, so each chapter ends with a wacky build up and then then “THUD” noise followed by the word LOST just like the end of the episode. Then the game’s next chapter starts with a certain voice going, “Previously on LOST.” The game is looking to get a six right now, if only for this really different take on the Adventure game.

Oh, as long as I’m talking about LOST, last night’s episodes is one of my favorites. Desmond episodes are always so bloody weird, and the end of this one was so sweet and adorable. I heart Penny and Des.

Alright! Back to the gring baby. It’s Pokemon time!

March Madness

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

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It’s about that time again folks. Every March we do a pop culture based single elimination tournament. Last year was “Best Animated Film” which saw “Transformers: The Movie” best “The Lion King” in the finals. previous years have included things like “Best Villain”, which was won by Dracula over Cthulhu, “Best Animated Character” which was won by Homer Simpson over Batman, Best Comedic film which was won by “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” Best Horror Film which was won by “the Shining” and Most Influential Pop Culture Thingie which saw ugh…Star Wars beat Pokemon and Legos in a three way dance.

This year here are the choices I’m trying to decide between

Best Televsion Series (Non animated)

Best Sci-Fi film

Best City in the World

Worst Movie Ever

(Insert something else here)

let me know what you guys think.

LOST Day! And Blind Date #4

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

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Double LOST day. Ubisoft is overnighting me a review copy of the PS3 game, and it’s a new episode tonight.

I’ve learned something here and that’s that the even blind dates are meh while the odd numbered ones have been awesome. Girl #1? Awesome. Girl #2? Too young and too boring. Girl #3? Awesome! Girl #4?

1. Late to the party

2. Fast talker

3. Long talker

Now either of these alone aren’t that bad. Together? It’s like dating the Micro Machines guy.

4. I could have made a drinking game based off of how often she said “I know, right?”

5. Cute, but her eyes cross when she laughs. And she laughs ALL THE TIME.

Nice girl, good personality, 5/10 on the looks scale and she has horrible taste in music just like me (She went to an M.C. Hammer concert. LAST YEAR.), but no real connection or interest in me from doing this again. Alas.

I’m going to have to call dates #1 and #3 tonight per their request to go on a second round. They were a lot of fun, cute, and definitely people I’d like to get to know better. Date #5 is Sunday night for Ice Cream. Alex + sugar + hopefullly the same pattern should lead to comic wackiness.

Man, February is nearly over!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

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I spent most of last night with a sinus migrane. I went to be early and it’s mostly gone now. The freak weather changes here in VA are really playing havoc on my sinuses. I generally get the migranes when there is a huge change is pressure or temperature. Back in Minneapolis things changed so gradually, but here it’ll be 70 one day, 40 the next, 70 another day, 20 the next so my sinuses are just collapsing under the extreme changes. Oy.

Mr. Chewie Biteums has a new game he likes to play that would be adorable, if it wasn’t so dangerous. He likes to jump up onto my desk chair, then onto my desk. Then he tries to climb as high as he possibly can and jump down onto the desk chair, sending it spinning around. He actually pushes the chair to where he wants it and then starts his ascent. It’s very smart, but if he ever misses, he’s going to break his damn neck. Last night before I went to bed, I came in and I surprised him. he was about eight feet in the air, and because my enterin gthe room shocked him, he did the little rabbit Scooby-Do esque running in place and nearly slid and fell off the desk. Thankfully I caught him. I have him and baby locked up in their cage today just until he gets this out of his system. I do not need to come home to a dead rabbit.

Meanwhile Baby is staying out at night and cavorting in the fireplace. My pets are insane.

Date tonight. Whoo! Another date on Sunday too. Busy busy Alex.

Review #164

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and Tower of Mirrors (Wii)
Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Genius Sonority Inc.
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date:2/20/2008

Wow. I’m reviewing a Square-Enix game. The last game I reviewed by this publisher was back on 11/14/2006 with Final Fantasy XII. I generally haven’t been a fan of what has come out of Square-Enix since the merger. Games like Valkyrie Profile 2, Dragon Quest VIII and the remake of “Ogre Tactics with a slightly different set of graphics to get the Squaresoft fanboys to buy a quality RPG for once” have left me cold. Except, oddly enough, for FFXII which I really liked.

So what made me interested in picking up the review chores for Dragon Quest Swords? Especially as other sword based games like Red Steel and Samurai Warriors: Katana have basically sucked. Well two big reasons. The first is that the only other RPG I have seen for the Wii is Pokemon Battle Revolution. Pokemon may pay the bills for me, but it only received a 5.5 from me back in the days of using a numerical score. It just wasn’t a satisfying RPG experience. The other is the Genius Sonority was the development team on this game. This development company has only made Pokemon games in the past. Sure they included mediocre ones like the aforementioned PBR and Pokemon Trozei but they also made quality console RPG’s for the Game Cube in Pokemon Coliseum and 2005’s Gamecube GOTY in Pokemon XD. I figured if anyone could turn around the Dragon Quest franchise as mediocre outputs like Rocket Slime, Joker, and DQVIII, it would be my Pokemon brethren.

So what happened? Did Genius Sonority give us the first good RPG for the Wii, or have they just repeated their early mediocre effort?


Holy Crap there are literally hundreds of these on Youtube

Monday, February 25th, 2008

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A TON of concert footage from the 2/21/08 Spice Girls concert Allan and I went to. Very cute. I could spend all day sifting through the video footage from the event.

If I can find the shout out I’ll definitely post that in here as well.

It’s times like this I hate my name and how appealing it is to vampire-wannabe’s.

Monday, February 25th, 2008

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David Farrant has a wordpress blog. I link to this post if only because I’m mentioned by name in it, which surprises me that Farrant’s old arch-enemy in Mr. Sean Manchester hasn’t shown up going, “He really IS Dracula!”

Adieu Weekend (Plus dates 2 and 3 info)

Monday, February 25th, 2008

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Man, work is basically a recovery period from this three day weekend. My ears are still ringing a bit from the Spice Girls concert Thursday Night.

Saturday was a lot of Dragon Quest Swords. There are some control issues with the game. Mainly the thrusting motion and getting the game to recognize a horizontal slash as such instead of a diagonal one. The game’s getting a 5.5 and that review should be done…tonight?

Date #2 was Saturday and was more akin to the whole batshit crazy experience you’ve come to enjoy me relating. She was young, REALLY young. Cute, but pretty boring and defintely more into the artifically induced pleasures than I am. I can’t say she did anything truly “Oh man, this is going in the diary,” but there certainly would be those stories if I agreed to see her again…which I did not. Dan would probably like that she was into UE though. I kept having to explain that breaking into places like Arlington National Cemetary would not be a bright move.

Sunday was finishing up Dragon Quest, a lot of exercise, being happy that the bronchitis is all but gone and finally date #3 up around Adams Morgan. This one was a lot of fun. It started off with her saying she could only stay for twenty minutes, but it turned into a little over two hours with her stating she wanted to hang out again - a feeling that was definitely mutual.

She was gorgeous and very interesting personality wise. A little more serious than I am about things in general, but we definitely hit it off and she even said, “I totally want to call my friends and have them meet you.” which is flattering and charming at the same time. Also - a good sign of things to come. We both have “recognizable” last names so we traded stories about the wackiness of being known for someone else’s deeds. In my case it’s being Lord of the Undead. In her case it’s squashing people in three minutes and screaming “WHO’S NEXT?” We’re both runners, we’re both into doing non profit work, and we both like things like the Orchestra, theatre, and so on. All in all, I’d definitely like to see her again, even if it’s just hanging out as buds at a museum or going for a jog.

This week is pretty cut and dry. Work stuff is the same as always. I’ve got some more Pokemon articles to write as my shipment of Groundbreakers is delayed. Again. Stupid Pokemon USA. How am I supposed to pimp things to small children if I do not have them in hand and the due date is fast approaching? :-P

Dragon Warrior review this week, and then it is on to LOST: The video game. Bubble Bobble Double shot and Dungeon Explorer PSP have been pushed back so those games are delayed as well. Dreamcatcher is sending me “And Then There Were None” to review as well this week or next. So even with the delays, the requests coming in for me are still plentiful. Go Team HBK!

Nice weekend so far

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

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I don’t think I really did much yesterday. I worked out, I read, I watched Full Metal Jacket, and I read. Then about 5:30 I was of to my blind date.

I have issues with. If only because ieveitably during that trying to get to know a person stage that you have never so much as seen before in your life, she will say something like:

“I start fires!”

“Man, you know what I miss doing? Coke!”

“I have a collection of strap on’s.”

And so on. These little slips come on when the word vomit takes over due to not being sure what we can say to the person across the table.

Thank Cthulhu that for once, a massive amount of insnity with boobies was not positioned directly across from me with a knife in her general vacinity.

It went really well. She was cute. We’re both athletic, we’re both Political Science Majors. We both used to live in freezing cold states. We’re both complete LOST addicts and fans of the Venture Bros. What was going to be a 30 minute meet and greet ended up being a 3 hour dinner date where we both had a really good time and agree to see each other again. Lots of fun. I think we’re going to go to this Mexican place she wanted to try and see Vantage Point.

Of course I have a date Sunday and one of Weds and I might have one tonight, and yes these are all with different people so it’s a fun and busy (or should I say Biz-AY) time right now. Go Team HBK!

And who knows? Maybe one of these many people will get me to settle down eventually. Shut up. I heard us all snickering from that!

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