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Archive for January, 2008


Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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Hmmm. It wasn’t as WOW as Season 1, 2, or 3’s opener, but it was still interesting.

Spoiler free discussion in the comments but for now four cryptic comments.

1. DAMN YOU DRIVE SHAFT! When will you get off my TV show? Still, the only “Holy Shit!” moment of the episode for me, even though I knew it was what it was.

2. So…Jack was wrong, but Hurley thinks Jack turned out to be the right choice. Oh holy hell, I wonder what happens to the Barricks crew then. Still…yay for Jack!

3. Jacob sighting! WHOO! Anyone get what he said?

4. Jack and Kate didn’t cry this episode! I think this is a first!

Crazy Impulse Shopping

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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I’ve been waiting to get an mini exercise bike/stationary pedlar for my office, ever since Summer first talked about it. Now with a recommendation from my friend Madeline, I ordered one! Yay for a lot of caloric burning at work!

Also, why ordering it I noticed a certain DVD in my wish list dropped from 19.99 to 12.99, so I grabbed it. Hurrah for cheap Three Stooges Remastered Collection Vol. 1. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Interesting Coinicidence

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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I wrote an article for today on the 10th anniversary package The Adventure Company is putting out tomorrow. One of the games is Secret Files: Tunguska. Turns out CNN.Com did an article today on the Real Life Tunguska Incident.

Neat! Aside from the fact it turns out even small asteroids can do far more damage than we originally thought. Yay flaming falling death from above!


Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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So last night Vlad learns that they were replaying the finale to Season 3, but with wacky Damon and Carlton commentary. Alas, I missed it. Vlad taped it. Maybe I’ll watch, maybe I won’t. I have a feeling nothing new or exciting was revealed that we all didn’t pick apart last year.

Working on member side homepages today. Huzzah.

DHGF launches in the next month. Yet I’m not all excited. I guess simply because it’s not an attempt to do something new and exciting, but instead to just keep the ball rolling.

Is there a boot disc for the Wii yet?

My little toe is still killing me. Thnakfully Baby was much calmer last night. Still hyper, but nowhere as bad. She did wake me up at 3am by yanking my hair until I would pet her. Silly little rabbit.

Kind of a boring week going on. I’m looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Feb.

Election Wackiness

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

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So Edwards is out. Too bad, but you know he’ll get the VP nomination from either Clinton or Obama. Nice to see we’re stuck with the negative campaigning and muckrackers over the person who was trying to be above that, but hey…it’s America. Negativity and fear always wins out.

Gulliani is also gone. Thank Christ. That had to have been one of the worst run campaigns EVER. How did he ever get elected New York City’s mayor. he bombed his senatorial campaign, and he PS3′d the Presidential campaign. He had the most money raised out of any of the Republicans, and had yet to make a single move that could be categorized better than “half-assed.” Good job there Rudy, you total freakin’ idiot.

Feb 5th is the make or break day for both parties, and it’s still up in the air as to who’s going to win. McCain pulled ahead big time with delegates, but only because FL was an all or nothing state, unlike previous primaries. McCain barely won Florida (by 3% of the vote), so Mitt is still in there.

At this point an Obama/McCain run-off would be the best possible situation in terms of new blood in the white house. I really don’t want to see a quarter century of a democratic country controlled by two familes. Yuck.

Middle of the week!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

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24 hours until LOST.

22 days until Spice Girls!

2 and a half days until the weekend! Nice.

Oh man, yesterday was filled with weirdness. My Cyberdog order came. They fit in the ass and hips and are the perfect length, but there is one measurement neither Cyberdog nor I took into consideration - my giant tree trunk thighs. My thighs are a little overdeveloped from all the running, swimming, and wrestling I’ve done over the years. These are side zipping pants and I can’t zip them up at all. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll send them back tomorrow and get the next size up.

I didn’t fall asleep until 5am last night. Baby was psycho hyper. Run run run. Shred shred shred. Jump jump jump. Talk talk talk. At one point she tried to drag my blankets off me and pull them under the bed. I’m a light sleeper so this not only woke me up, but caused me and the sheets to fly off the bed, and in an effort to miss from crushing baby, I landed in such a way I tore my left little toenail out. OUCH.

I nearly picked up the Shining Force 3 Premium disc yesterday, but then thought better of it.

Workout DVD last night was Without a Paddle. Still a cute flick. I remember seeing it in theatres with Chris when it came out and that we both liked it. I picked it up this weekend for 5 bucks and with it being 90 minutes, it was the perfect exercise length.

I’ve been getting a lot of really nice feedback on the Endless Ocean review from all sorts of readers. Several of whom have mailed it to a certain EGM member who is currently the mockery of the VG community for refusing to review the game on the grounds that “It’s not really a game” and a few other comments that point out he hasn’t even played it. Ah EGM, will there ever be a day you don’t suck in every way possible?

Busy Day

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

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I just worked up the wireframes for our members intranet. Took a bit of time, but I’m pleased with how they look and aside from one that will involve creating some Excel spreadsheets for members based on a few queries, it should be pretty quick to code.

I’ve been watching the Florida primaries way more than I should be at work. I’m interested in the Cuban-American vote, as well as the elderly demographics. It’s interesting to note that Although Mitt Romney has almost twice the delegates McCain has, CNN.com reporters claim that if McCain wins Florida, the election is sewn up, but if Mitt wins, it’s up in the air. Huh? No explination as to that weird logic.

LOST in a little over 50 hours. WHOOO! Please don’t suck LOST.

I have had chicken three meals in a row now. I just realized this. I am not sure why this matters to me.

Beneath the cut is something a bit interesting. One of my friends is a high school teacher. It is part of his job to grade these essays that decide if you pass or fail your grade. I’m sure some of you that are teachers or have kids know what I’m talking about. Well, this educator friend got a weird essay that being a gamer, would be something only he would catch while other teachers would totally miss. To double check his misgivings, he IM’d me on Friday…

This is a story I like to call “Alex and Aaron vs. Sephiroth Fan Fiction”


Sleepy Tuesday

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

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Man, usually I’m a total morning person, but today? Exhausted. I barely could get out of bed. I’m fine now, but man was in an ordeal to get up.

Chewie has been friendly again lately. After Thylali died, he spent nearly two months not letting anyone play with him or pet him or touch him. Sunday though he jumped on the bed to sleep with me, and yesterday and today he’s been wanting to play. I know when rabbits bond, they go through a severe depression when one dies, but I’ve still been worried about him. Glad to see him back to himself.

Oh man do I have a ton of reviews coming up.


Dungeon Explorer (DS)
Dungeon Explorer (PSP) (They’re two totally different games yet there’s a continuity between them AND Konami is saying I need to review them so…)
Bubble Bobble: Double Shot (By the makers of Bubble Bobble Revolution - our 2006 worst game of the year)
Dragon Quest Swords (Wii)
And Then There Were None (Wii)


Baroque (Wii)
House of the Dead 2 & 3 (Wii)


Rondo of Blades (DS)

March might have another two games depending on if the R-Type Tactics game comes out and if McCullar will review LOST for me instead. He’s the only other staffer I’d want to review it as he’s as crazy into the show as I am. The game’s designed for HARDCORE LOST fans. Quinn and Lee would be good back ups, but I think Lee stopped watching the show and Quinn doesn’t have a PS3 or 360. So there you go.

Not much going on yesterday. I took a day of from working out and so just got a lot of other stuff done. My car hit 57K, which means I’ve driven only 30,000 miles in 4 years. or 57,000 in 7. Wow.

Another Monday

Monday, January 28th, 2008

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Ugh. My boss called a few minutes before my alarm went off asking me if I was in the office yet. I was like, “What? No.” But I’m here now!

Yesterday was one of those days where I did nothing but write and exercise. OI did my usual workout and got in about a six mile hike to boot. Not bad.

I finished an article on the next Pokemon minis expansion, although I was kind of brutal towards it. I swear, between closing Pokemoncenter.com, massively screwing up the Mini’s product for the North American launch, and not really having their act together re: Darkrai, it’s hard to have faith in Pokemon USA these days. Thank god for Game Freak back in Japan,

For some reason I got it in my head to ignore all the reviews about “The Return” and watched it last night. Man, that was lousy. it was basically “Sarah Michelle Gellar changes her outfit every 5 minutes. Oh and really stupid psychic stuff. The end.” Really bad movie, although not as bad as the Covenant/Soul Plane double feature that was inflicted earlier in the weekend.

Mr. Biteums beat the crap out of Heather and Vlad’s kitten yesterday. I’m writing an article. where I here an angry bunny noise. Next thing I know Chewie headbutts the kitten in the ribsand the kitten goes flying about 2-3 feet into the wall. Kitten was stunned and then ran like hell upstairs and didn’t stop until he was hiding under their bed, dangling my headphones behind him somehow. Not sure how he got tangled in them while running. Animals are weird. Mr. Chewie Biteums is territorial it appears.

Review #158

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

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Review: Endless Ocean (Wii)

Endless Ocean
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Arika
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 1/23/2008

Endless Ocean has received a lot of attention since Nintendo first announced it was publishing this game for the Wii. Many gamers and journalists have reacted as if Endless Ocean is something new and highly innovative. The truth is Endless Ocean is the THIRD game in this underwater scuba diving series put out by Arika. The first two games were published by Capcom as Everblue and Everblue 2. When the partnership between Arika and Capcom dissolved rather poorly, they brought the franchise to Nintendo who actually publicized the series because they saw a great deal of potential for it to take off with casual gamers. Capcom however had merely just printed the games and then never marketed it, ensuring the Everblue series would remain obscure and unknown to most gamers.

On one hand, I was really excited about reviewing this game. I love offbeat games and especially games where you can just run around and visit a whole world without worrying about anything like linearity or a set plot. It’s why I enjoyed the Elder Scrolls and Azure Dreams games so much. On the other hand, Arika is a developer I generally really dislike. They made the awful Street Fighter EX games, and worst of all, they developed The Nightmare of Druaga, which is the second lowest scoring game I have ever reviewed. WMXI was the lowest for the curious. I honestly can’t think of a single game Arika made that I didn’t end up hating. And so once I realized they were making the game (because like most of you, even I had no idea this was the third game in the series. Fellow DieHard GameFAN staffers Mark B. and Mr. Rose clued me in. Yay teamwork!), I was really kicking myself for agreeing to review this.

The question remains? Did Arika manage to make yet another game that was so bad it made me want to rip my manhood off and bleed to death, or did it turn out I’ve been missing a quality series all these years simply due to my dislike of what else this company has made?


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