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Archive for November, 2007

Back to Work

Monday, November 26th, 2007


I left work Weds afternoon and the new internal website I made was working perfectly. Now the main hub for it is down. God damn ColdFusion. What could have changed over the long weekend. Well I know what changed. We upgraded to Coldfusion 8. Now I just have to figure out what wasn’t compatible.

150th review is done and I feel…numb. Partly because I gave Resident Evil a good rating and a KoF game a low rating. What kind of world are we living in? At this point though I’m going to enjoy the long quiet between now and the eventual release of GameFAN.

Long weekend. Weds was weird. Thursday was a dau of exhaustion. Friday I barely remember. Saturday was pretty much a writing day. Sunday was a day of writing and going to the Museum of the Native American. Pretty good food there. Buffalo chili, frog legs, and these two moles. Yum.

Worked out a lot this weekend. Ana called Saturday and I didn’t bother to return the call until Sunday evening because she was supposed to have an out of town friend stay with her for the long weekend. Turns out that didn’t happen due to some drama and well…whoops. We ended up talking for an hour Sunday night about each other’s weekends (Okay. Mainly her talking and then me going “Holy crap! How do you befriend these people?”) I mean damn, she’s a really nice girl, but she’s got amazingly bad judgment with whom she hangs out (at least in the situations she tells me about. For all I know she has a nice group of sane responsible friends and I just never hear about them) and then she wonders how she gets into insane situations. I feel bad because after a long conversation with her, I just feel the life is sucked out of me.

In all, it was kind of a crappy weekend with the best parts being my meeting my review goal and finishing four articles for Pokemon. Now I just want to get this website working. How said is that when I’d rather be doing IT then having time off?

Review #150

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Review: King of Fighters XI (Sony Playstation 2)

King of Fighters XI
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: SNK Playmore
Genre: 2-D Fighter
Release Date: 11/14/2007

Well here it is: my 150th review. How crazy is that. That’s a little more than 30 reviews a year since December 2002.

I purposely chose KoF XI to be the 150th game that passes through my fingers. Why? Because I’ve always been a huge SNK fan. I own a Neo Geo and about 50 games for it. I love that thing. I also love all the SNK major titles. Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, Metal Slug. They’re all awesome franchises with a lot of history.

Technically this is KoF 2005. There was no 2004, which is a bit alarming as it was the first time in a decade we went without a mainline KoF title. However, the series was renamed with the roman numeration instead of a year because of this. Also, the KoF Maximum Impact line received the 2006 moniker this year, meaning that the year based KoF system will now be 3-D fighting, as can be further proven to be true by the fact KoFXII is a 2-D fighter.

This is the eighth King of Fighters game I have reviewed in the past 5 years as well. Previous games included

King of Fighters 2002 (PS2)
King of Fighters 2003 (PS2)
King of Fighters Neowave (Xbox)
KoF 2002 (Xbox)
KoF 2003 (Xbox)
KoF: Maximum Impact (PS2)
KoF: MI-Maniax (Xbox)

The higher rating I’ve given to a KoF game was to KoF 2002, which received a 7.5, and the lowest was Neowave, which received a 5.5

So where does KoFXI fit in in the scheme of things. The last KoF game released to US fans was Neowave and it was a hair above average. As well, XI is the continuation of the Ash Crimson team storyline, which has not been well received by SNK fans for the most part. Still 2003 was a very well made fighter. So how does the middle part of the trilogy fare? Is it quality or does it make SNK fans thank god there’s only one more year of this KoF arc?


Review #149

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Review: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Nintendo Wii)

Raving Rabbids 2
Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Mini Games
Release Date: 11/14/2007

The first Raving Rabbids is by far my most favorite game on the Nintendo Wii. Even though I never reviewed it officially, I saw down to score it when I first beat the game and it would have received an 8.5 from me. In three years only three other games have received that high a score from me: Digital Devil Saga, Gradius V, and Pokemon D/P. That’s impressive in its own right. I’ve yet to find anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with this game.

So of course when the second game was announced, I knew I needed to review it. Everything I heard about it made me want it all the more. Less Rayman, more Rabbids. More insanity. All the crappy raving, pig collecting and sky diving games were gone, and instead there were more of a focus on the bizarre. Even the ad campaign was amazing. I have to say I have yet to see a video game franchise in the entire history of our industry have better commercials, viral ads, and websites devoted to selling the game.

There were two small problems. The first is that the Wii is already super saturated with mini game collections. The second is that RR2 came out in the shadow of Super Mario Galaxy, which is current the highest rated video game OF ALL TIME across the industry. That’s a daunting feat for any game franchise to overcome.

So was Ravings Rabbits 2 a worthy sequel or did it fall into the category of sophomore slump? Is there room for one more mini game comp to your Wii library, or was the series just a flash in the pan. Let’s put aside of Thanksgiving leftovers and take a look.



Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Note to self: LJ RSS feeds picks up private posts. Yet another reason to dislike LJ.

Thursday I got home about 10:45 am. I was out of it for most of the day, due to ponderings on how to get out of yet another HBK situation. I ended up writing a bunch of my Rabbids review and most of the day was spent loafing or eating. A little gaming, a little reading, a little writing, a lot of friends texting me knowing full well I do not like texting, and some movie watching.

All in all, this was probably the most low key turkey day I’ve ever had.

I’m still kind of tuckered out from the past few days mentally and physically. Today will be mainly working out and finishing the Rabbids review and playing KoF.

I might have a TV show to watch besides HIMYM now!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

It’s back!

Anyone want to attend and AMERICAN GLADIATORS taping?

Oh man, this is gonna be hilarious and sweet all at once.

Review #148

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Rail Shooter
Release Date: 11/14/2007

It’s well known that I am not a fan of the Resident Evil series. I had the first one for the Saturn and thought it was a piece of crap. Any game that emulates the console version of the AitD controls in bad in my book. Factor in plat dialog and a crappy plot and you have a recipe for disaster. The sales for the original game weren’t amazing, but they were good enough to warrant a sequel. Again, I thought the game was pretty poor, but damn was it popular. It was one of the biggest selling games of 1997 and cemented RE as the biggest survival horror franchise out there. At least the story was better. RE3 was okay and Code Veronica was enjoyable at times, but I’ve always felt that RE was overhyped and shadowed the better survival horror games out there. Even RE4, which was a massive step in the right direction was only an above average game to me. In all the only thing good I could really say about the RE games to this point was I thought the movies were entertaining crap.

So you’re probably wondering why I agreed to review Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicle. Two Words: Rail Shooter. I am a huge fan of rail shooters, even though I don’t especially like FPS games. House of the Dead, Vampire Night, Carnevil, it doesn’t matter. I love the wacky gameplay and generally awful plots. They were one of my favorite arcade genres and I’m happy to see them make their way back to the Wii. For the past year, I’ve only had the rail shooters in Raving Rabbids to satisfy me.

Rail shooter + zombies generally equals House of the Dead though - a series that has been both very good, and very bad (along with one of the best pinball games ever made). Does RE:UC manage to stand out, or is it simply House of the Dead 4 with Capcom needing a bigger fourth quarter profit?


YouTube Silliness

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

#1. In honour of “Live Free or Die Hard” being released today -

#2. In honour of yesterday being Slapsgiving -

#3. See #2 -

Watchman Babies!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

This is more for Vlad than anything as we both laughed our asses off at the Alan Moore bit last night.

“Oh Little Lulu, I love Youlu just the same.” Ha!

Three Day Work Week

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Updating some PDF’s this morning and then it is straight into Cold Fusion 8. Sweet. Busy Busy week.

I got fuck all done yesterday what with poor little Thlyali passing on and Ana not leaving until 2pm. That’s okay though as it was a pretty important day and writing about games or Pokemon seemed rather irrelevant.

I did however play through nearly all of Raving Rabbids 2 in one sitting simply to keep my mind of all the things I should have been doing/thinking about. Fun game and very funny. This and the first RR are easily my favorite games for the WII. RR2 is VERY different from the first one, and I think that surprised some folks. Still a great game. Man, it looks like my last three reviews are all going to be highly positive. Wacky!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on here, in my email, on IM, over texts and on the various RSS feeds of this thing about Thlyali. In all there were 100 people who expressed condolences about her passing, which surprised me and warmed my heart at the same time.

This week I’ll be knuckling down and writing a ton of articles. No real plans or adventures this week. Just productivity. Yay.

Writing to clear my head

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Okay, We just buried Thlyali in the yard. Chewie and Baby don’t really seem to notice, or they’ve already moved on after their stuff from last night.

It’s been a pretty surreal weekend all in all.

Friday was a date and cheap sex night. Nothing really worth talking about there. Straightforward Fuck N’ Dump.

Saturday was mainly worrying about Thlyali. Noticing her trying to hide from the other bunnies and not eating set me off and so I watched her all day knowing this is what cats (and Zuel) did when the time came. I already covered trying to make it easier for her, giving her water and petting her and letting her play outside before she passed on.

Heather, Vlad and I went to an Italian place for lunch. Good food, but slow service at the end. After that it was more watching Thylali and having Vlad try co-op mode in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles with me. I really like the game. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had with an RE title, but I love rail shooters.

Analiese came by about 10pm. The plan was to spend half the night at Spellbound and the other half at Black Cat. She’d never been to the former and I’d never been to the latter.

Spellbound was fun as always. Having to play social butterfly is not a problem for me usually, but bunny was on the back of my head that night. Most of the night though I just spent jibber jabbering with Ana at one of the back tables.

About 12:30am she wanted to head to the Black Cat and I was cool with that so I agreed. We never made it though as the decongestant she had taken earlier wasn’t mixing well with her vodka and so she asked if I’d prefer to go back to my place. Well duh.

We came home and that’s when I found Chewie and Baby biting Thlyali to get some response from her. They had bitten her nails past the quick so that she was bleeding and she was ignoring them and the biting completely. I picked her up, and held her for a while knowing that the time was near and that I had to seperate her from the other bunnies as a precauction and to keep them from hurting her in her last few moments. I brpught her upstairs and she would still be alive when both halves of the house went to sleep, meaning she was probably just waiting to be alone to pass on.

We went to bed about 5am. Well she fell asleep about 3:30 and at 4 I went to get contact solution for her because she didn’t bring any. We actually got through MOST of Harold and Kumar this time, but I don’t think either of us were fully watching it.

We woke up about 9am and lounged in bed for a few hours and then India (Hather’s oldest cat) was scratching and meowing at my door ala Lassie and that’s when I knew what I’d find upstairs. One of Heather’s other cats was sitting next to the bunny corpse as if she was guarding it. It was sweet and weird all at once.

I went back downstairs and told Ana what had happened. It’s pretty weird, at least for me, to have to say “Oh hey, my rabbit’s dead” at like 11am, but there you are. We then just lounged around until 1pm when we got out of bed and got dressed for the day. We grabbed a quick lunch and she wanted to still do stuff for the rest of the afternoon but I was like, “I have to bury the rabbit and you’ve got shit to go. Let’s call it a day.” She agreed and took off.

After that I decided I needed a breather and so I was going to take part in the Toys R Us Buy 2, get the 3rd game free Wii special they were doing, but when I got there, I was just completely numb to the idea of getting any of the games. Plus they were out of Rayman Rabbids 2, which is a) what I wanted most and b) probably wouldn’t be the best game to play today of all days.

That’s where I am now. Not really in the mood to finish my RE review or watching a movie or anything. Everything over the past 24 hours just feels…fake. There were a ton of highs and lows during that time span that I think I’m just worn out mentally and exhausted physically. I know part of me is feeling a bit guilty that I was doing stuff like cuddling after I found Thlyali’s body, but comforting after something dies is natural right? Still, it felt like using to me, and I think she realized I was a bit uncomfortable the longer the day went on.

Fuck it. I’m going to take a shower and try and find something else to do with my time. I had a really good time with Ana as always and there’s a definte instant rapport there and yet I’m having to deal with the weirdness of one less fuzzy rabbit in my home.

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