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Archive for October, 2007

News Stories (Halloween Related)

Friday, October 26th, 2007

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Lots of articles about ghosts on CNN today.

1/3rd of Americans believe in ghosts. 25% claim to have seen a ghost, 50% believe in ESP and 19% believe in magic. These numbers were awful high to me, simply because I rarely hear of people admitting these beliefs. This is a pretty interesting, and sometimes amusing read.

Does Your House Have Ghosts? This Old House + CNN = article on seeing if your house is haunted. I wouldn’t have expected it from either source, much less both.

Oh yes Part 7 of Best of the Best is up.

Fridays Rule!

Friday, October 26th, 2007

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Hmmm. It’s 9am and I am the only one in the office. What the hell?

Yesterday was pretty sweet. Cyberdog is having a 15% off sale until the end of the year, so I picked up some goodies in addition to my normally sweet discount. I also grabbed 4 new pairs of vinyl/pvc pants. I finally own a white pair. Should be interesting there…

Chronos had a pretty underwhelming last night. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything “Arcadia” does to get butts in the door.

Submerge tonight and Spellbound tomorrow.

I’ve not even been in D.C. for 90 days and I’ve already have a half dozen crazy bitch stories as Vlad, Heather, and Phil can confirm. I’ll do a nice comprehensive write up after this weekend as I know way too many of you get off on the wacky poon princesses that find me. What I want to know is who implanted a homing device in my genitals that helps the crazy home in on me?

Last night was fun for three reasons.

1. I lemon law’d a chick. First time since I hit D.C. Here’s my thing. If you’re not a attractive, a bit of a boor and you try to show your fleshy bits at me before I even know you’re name, it’s likely my interest in you will consist of, “Yeah, this is me walking away now. G’d bye.”

2. On the other hand, I also met a cute intelligent girl last night. Indy/not goth lawyer chick from NYC. She used to live in Camden and so she was like “Hey! Cyberdog. Are you British?” and it went from there. Nice girl, very friendly and fun to talk to. Last name of Hart though, which should amuse you all knowing the history of the other guy who uses my nickname. :-P

3. It was request night and 2 Live Crew was played. Ell - OH - Ell. Now to get Vlad to play either American Bad Ass, The Curly Shuffle, or Cherry Pie at Spellbound. :-P

Remember to vote for Pikachu today over at Gamefaqs.com. PIKA PIKA PIKACHU!

BotB: Part 6

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

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Worst Game of the Year and Most Overhyped Game are the awards we’re looking at. Half the fun with this one is reading the ANGRY reviews about these games.

I barely remember writing any of these but with writing like:

A bad Bubble Bobble game is like waking up with the hot chick you banged the night before in and seeing her in the morning realizing she wasn’t that hot. And that she wasn’t even a chick. And that one of her limbs is prosthetic.
That’s gold baby. GOLD.

This Poster is Legen-wait for it——Dary!

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

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Totally Sweet Yo!

This is totally going to be a thing.

Yay for Thursday

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

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Yesterday was a fuck all day at work, but at least the second in command said she loves working with me. Go Team Lucard!

Tonight is the last Alchemy. Out with the old - in with the same as the old but with a different name. It should be amusing to see who, if anyone, actually falls for it.

Yesterday evening was both good and bad.

Good: My old apt complex in Minneapolis claimed I owed them 155 dollars. Turns out they owed me 550. Sweet.

Bad. Baby got in the fireplace again and got another bath and a time out.

Good: Picked up Donky Konga, LoZ: Wind Waker, and some DK Bongos for $12 total at an EBgames.

Bad: The attendent left in the middle of the transaction for 20+ minutes. Holy hell, if there is one thing better about MN than DC, it’s the fact that people in the game stores here are queefs and totally ignorant about the products they are selling.

Bad: One of Heather and Vlad’s cats shredded the mattress cover for my couch, and the couch is no longer made by Ikea.

Good: I found the replacement part on Ebay for $10.

Good: Undertaker 15-0 came yesterday.

Bad: It’s got all 15 UT Wrestlemania matchers, but they aren’t complete. The HHH/UT, UT/Flair and UT/Kane matches are clip fests, yet they give me the complete UT/Mark Henry, UT/Big Boss Man, and UT/Giant Gonzales. Weird.

Also, I watched Garfield’s Halloween last night when I wasn’t working out or giving Donky Konga a try. That’s a fun little game, but my hands hurt after about 10 songs. And since it’s one of the few Garfield related things that still holds up today, here you go:

12:30 and everything is restored!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

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Yay! I can go back to work.

BotB Part 5 Is up!

Rabbits were quite crazy last night. Well one particular rabbit anyway. When I came home from grocery shopping I noticed my tile and bed were covered in itty bitty bunny footprints. Seems someone opened the grate to the fireplace and was playing in the ashes.

I clean it up, muttering about demon bunnies and then went out again. When I came home, what did I find, but Baby jumping and digging and POOPING in the ashes once again. Someone got a scolding, a time out, and most of all, a bath. Ick. She was not happy about that, but after she took a fear based pooping session while I was bathing her, I think it’ll be quite some time before she decides to check out the fireplace again.

Of course having said that, I know what I’ll be coming home to.

Well this is going to be a fun day

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

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The network is down, our IT guy isn’t here, and I need to build a chat room or forum/message board today. And it HAS to be in cold fusion. Oy.

Harris Teeter opened yesterday in Shirlington. it has some flow issues and a slightly oft-kilter layout, but I have a high level grocery store in walking distance for the first time since I moved here. Whoo! I bought a ton of food and stupidly walked back home with about 30-40lbs of groceries. At least it was good exercise. Then Vlad got home and was like “Wanna go to the new Teeter?” Hey why not? Any excuse to exercise!

This is going to be a long next few days. Chronos Thursday, Submerge Friday, Spellbound Saturday. Cyber Sunday. Oy vey.

Talker with Erin last night. She’s doing good. Been months since I’ve actually talked to her. It’s weird at times realizing I can’t just go hand out with the people back in MSP whenever I choose.

Picked up Shadow Hearts as a time killer earlier this week. It hasn’t aged well at all.

BotB: Part 4

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

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Part 4 is Up

Forum Thread

Man, this thing has been pulling people out of the woodwork. 4 days in and I have two requests to start writing, Alex Williams and Pankonin have appeared out of the woodwork and it’s made Bebito want to write again.

I knew there was a reason I was doing this.

What to do with Diehard GameFAN?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

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Okay, so I own Diehardgamefan.com now. The original owners let it slip and I swooped in and snagged the rights to the URL and put in more the trademark. Good job there gamer boys. And if you want to know why, it was because if I didn’t, IGN was going to buy it and I will NOT let that happen.

The question is, what to do with it. I also have the potential goth site in the works, but getting goths to do anything as a group is like teaching cats to jump through a flaming hoop.

With GameFAN, I want it to be an archive for all the members of the kliq, but it probably needs to be more. I know Bebito is coming back to write a column, and Widro wants to be staff (fyrebug related, not IP) and a bunch of others want to come on board.

The problem is between the recent feature I’ve been doing and the recent EA debacle, it’s made me realize I’d rather have the band back together and have it be something silly and fun like it was 2003-2004 if I’m ever going to write about gaming again. Laflin, Williams, Lee, Pankonin, Bebito, Matt, Mark, the Toms, and so on. More or less a way for everyone to hang out online and write something when the mood strikes them, but still maintaining our usual level of quality output, if not a lot of quanitity. I realize this is something I’m good at writing about, it’s something people want me to write about and it can be fun most of the time. But where it’s like now, where I’m currently writing out of 50% pity and 50% obligation from getting review copies, the fun isn’t there.

Basically what do you, as writers and readers want out of a gaming site if I ever do anything with the URL. What do you enjoy about my writing (Games stuff), the rest of the kliqs writing. Why did you go there, or why did you want to be part of the team?

It’s funny, because if it comes down to the Uber-Goth site people behind the scenes want me to headline or GameFAN, well…GameFAN will win simply because I do enough goth stuff as it is and at 30, I need to maintain my varied interests rather just be “The Sub-Cultural Icon.”

Awesome stuff

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

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1. My car hit 55,555 miles yesterday. Since it’s 7 and a quarter years old…that’s pretty impressive. Even with the big ol’ drive from MSP to D.C., I put about only 8K on the car a year.

2. Konami read the BotB part 3 yesterday and decided to send me Rondo of Blood and Silent Hill Origins. They’re also including Gradius Collection since we gave it PSP GOTY last year and I mentioned I didn’t own it. Crazy. So last night I snagged a PSP on EBAY. It was the value pack with Madden 2k6 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Total with shipping? $103. Crazy good deal. Of course, Madden goes to the trade in bin along with Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Holy hell people, how does anyone like that game? It’s so freaking boring. I was amused by the 2D to 3D aspect. but it’s so long, the dialogue is so awful, and the game just puts me to sleep. It’s the worst aspects of platformers merged witht he worst aspects of RPG’ing. I am never buying a straight Mario game again after this.

Anyway, my question is what else is actually worth getting for the PSP? Considering I have three free games and MUA, I can’t think of anything else truly stellar for the system. Sure I might get Every Extend Extra eventually, but from what I’m seen, the system is 95% crap and the other 5% is stuff I already own that I wouldn’t want in a portable game anyway (Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Disgaea). But hey, 4 games should keep me occupied for a long time, especially since the DS has proven to be crap to me save for Pokemon and Phantom Hourglass. Worst generation of portable gaming ever.

3. Submerge is this Friday and Spellbound is Saturday! Come one, come all!

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