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Archive for September, 2007

It’s been a long time since I was nervous

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

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…but I just had the interview with EA.

Best line of the interview: “You’re definitely a fit for this company. Now it’s just a matter of which open position.”



Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

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Unexpected twist to today. I recieved an email from the hush hush thing I interviewed with yesterday saying, “Can you be at the corner of 1700 PA Ave and G street in twenty minutes?”

Well somehow I made it. All I’m going to say is I passed part 2 and I have two parts to go it appears. Oddly enough neither my non suit and tie appearance nor the length of my hair bothered them at all.

Lunch at the White House. That was defintely not something I had on my agenda.

Oh also, I was warned that if I take this job every friend, relative and pet is going to be looked at with a fine tooth comb. In regards to me - not their own personal life. So if you get a call from someone in DC claiming to be part of a certain organization in regards to me. It’s not a joke.

Can’t wait until they call Big Sister.

Another Monday down

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

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Busy day. Three interviews today - two being major ones.

It’s kind of creepy I get done the two main editing tasks I have every day by 9am.

I put ten of those heroclix thingies on ebay. One hit 31 dollars after only being up for two hours. Weird.

Speaking of weird a copy of “Dungeons and Dragons: Clue” arrived yesterday. It’s so hilariously nerdy. “The Warrior did it in the Dragon’s Lair with the Ring of Magic Missiles.” So bloody lame I know it’ll be broken out and played by drunken friends one of these days.

Growlanser: Generations of War comes out this week. Interesting how Atlus is going down the road of Working Designs with the ton of extra crap being included with the game. Thankfully there is no chance of this localization killing Atlus like it did WD. Hmmm, I distinctly remember Working Designs being forced by Sony to release the two Growlansers in Generations together instead of as seperate games. I wonder why Atlus, who like SNK has been the target of SoA insanity before, manager to get this off without any drama.

Crazy tired today. I went to bed about 1:30 and had the weirdest damn dreams. One was me waking up and having hives from an allergic reaction to dinner. I itched them and went back to sleep. Then I woke up as I feel asleep in the dream and no hives in real life. Hmm. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had hives.

Should be a good weekend coming up!

Greenspan’s new book and his thoughts on the Bush Administration

Monday, September 17th, 2007

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CNN News article link

I might actually get this as I’ve wondered at times where the hell Greenspan was coming from. From the CNN article I linked to above, it appears Greenspan isn’t pulling any punches.

Although Greenspan says he was intially looking forward to working with Bush II, that quickly dissipated. As Greenspan put it, the Republicans swapped Principles for Power, wasted money on inane schemes, and deprived the nation of checks and balances. Basically, they ran America into the ground and its hard to disagree with that statement.

Before anyone jumps on the Neocon bandwagon and starts calling Greenspan a liberal nutjob, remember that he has always been a registered lifelong Republican. Interestingly enough this fiscal conservative who spent five terms as Chairman of the Federal Reserve lists Clinton and Nixon as the smartest presidents. See, Clinton was have been a womanizing sexaholic, but in terms of actual issues and substance Slick Willie is praised across the board. Except you know, by the the over religious nutters.

Also, had an interview at 11am. It turned out to be a test more than an interview but they couldn’t say that over the phone due to the nature of what I’d be doing. Hell, they couldn’t even really tell me the details of the job until I came in today. I passed the interview. Final hurdle is Weds. I wish I could say what it is about but I can’t. All I can say is it involves writing, a security clearance from the US Government and I’ll be travelling a lot if I get it/take it. Should be pretty freakin’ awesome though!

A new week begins

Monday, September 17th, 2007

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Should be an excellent week. Still having fun at work. Got a lot of stuff done already and I’m ahead of the game for the rest of the day. Go editing!

Interviews today at 11am and 4pm. Should also be getting a call on the big interview this week. Slow process but it’s worth it. Patience patience patience. That needs to be my mantra for a bit.

I’m going to start putting those Heroclix guys I’ve somehow accumulated over the years on Ebay. They take up room and I might as well get cash for them.

John Locke got an Emmy for best supporting actor, and “Dick in a Box” from SNL won one too. What a wacky year.

Busy Weekend

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

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Friday - Job continues to rule. Interviews keeping coming in, as do job offers. I’m holding out for the one big one though.

Friday night we hit Bound, which is supposed to be the big fetish night in DC. I’ll just say it was a nice venue, but it was less fetishy than the MN fetish ball, at 1st Ave in feb, and there only the workers were fetished up. It was basically 40-45 year olds in t shirts and jeans hoping to ogle hot chicks in skimpy outfits. Creeepy. It’ll be a lot better with Vlad’s industrial night int he same building.

Saturday I spent most of the day with Michelle. We ate food, went shopping and dicked around. Then I came home and left again to do errands and then help Phil and Lori with flooring issues. We did pick up Guitar Hero II for the 360 somewhere along the way. Yay for lots of store credit.

Today was Mount Vernon. They had an 18th century craft fair and free boat ride/sight seeing tours, so Heather, Vlad and I hit that up. So much neat stuff to see and the boat ride was peaceful and scenic. Really nice relaxing way to spend a sunday…until we stopped at the grcoery store and happened to be behind the world’s most anal rentetive buyer and the world’s worst check out clerk. My god. Words can not describe how long it took and how annoying they were. We switched lanes after being behind them for 15 minutes and still got out before them. Holy hell.

Now it’s workout time and the start of a nice new week.

Ten things for today

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

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1. New job continues to rule.
2. Two job offers today. If something special (see below) falls through I can’t imagine not taking it.
3. A certain company contacted me today about employment. It’d be awesome to work there, although there will be a bit of irony. in us working together. Not as bad as the ocassional business venture between myself and Konami but still…
4. 9-18 to 11-01 = Alex doing Pika PR when I can. Should be fun.
5. Nintendo of Japan sent me my copy of PMD2 today. Looking forward to playing it some.
6. Some friend will be in town around Halloween time that I haven’t seen since Miami. Note to self: Do NOT wear the “Victim of the Crossface” T shirt around them.
7. Talked to Deanna (Old boss at the old MSP job). She had a bit of an accident. Poor gal. Also, I know Digger reads this, so I should say hi to him.
8. Tokyopop sent me a crapload of manga today. I love being on everyone’s freebie list, but I’ll never know how I go on theirs. Especially as I’m not really a manga kind of guy. Becky? You work in anime? Was it you?
9. Today’s Achewood ruled.
10. Six articles to write on Pokemon for multiple mags. You know, I still don’t know how the heck I became the “Pokemon guy.” It’s hilarious and awesome though.

New Job - Day One

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

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Holy crap, I love it. it’s everything a publishing job is supposed to be like. None of that awful crap and outright lying that UCG did from day one. I could totally see myself staying with this company for as long as they need me…or until a full time gig comes back up.

SIX freelancing assignments now. Holy crap. Or seven if you count this current stint as the production editor I’m currently in. Writing daily, weekly and monthly copy and doing format layouts, and other wonderfully missed editing type jobs. I’m so happy. It is totaly night and day difference here people.

Had two interviews today. First went well and they offered me the job but it was a fraction of what I’d be willing to make. Second went well and we’re going to set up a face to face interview next week. Other than that I have eight interviews coming up, 3 alone on friday. And the new job is totally understanding as they know I’m filling in and helping them out. Everything is like it should be and Becky said she got called by EA. Whoo + hooo.

Nothing else to report. It was all work and interviews. Tonight is pretty much a work out and getting some new thing sin my portfolio. Also, I need a scanner for the new publication pieces.

God I can’t believe how much happier and better things are now that I’m out of the fecal factory. No lying or outright insanity: just relaxing awesomeness and a solid day of quality copy being produced.

Today so far

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

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Okay, Several more interviews lined up, I’ve been offered a fifth freelancing gig (Holy crap!), and a magazine has hired me to start tomorrow as their production editor for a few months. I’ve also recieved another two offers that I turned down due to their offer being too low income wise, and I’ve got some phone interviews coming up Weds, Thurs, Friday and Monday. In the end, money is coming in and the way it’s looking, I can be making what I was just through freelancing and contracts if I don’t find a full time 9-5 job. That’s nice and defintely reassuring to me.

Now it’s just a matter of hearing from a few other companies to see what is on tap.

Resume Results Day 1:

Monday, September 10th, 2007

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4 interviews lined up, 3 potential interviews, 1 job offer, 2 freelance gig offers, and I still haven’t heard from any of my big guns like EA or Phil’s old company.

Not bad, not bad.

Also did another 40-50 resumes today.

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