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Archive for August, 2007

And so it’s another Monday

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Another week at hell job. At least I’m going to HR today to file a grievance as well as talk to the various publishing departments to at least attempt a transfer out of this position. 107 resumes filed and I have a bunch to do tonight. Busy busy.

And even though the job sucks at least the money is good. Still, I’d rather make less and be happy 24/7 than have a good amount of scratch and want to rip my eyeballs out.

I have a migrane. I’ve had it since yesterday about noon. OMG, my did I drink that soda on Saturday at lunch? Stupid stupid stupid.

I have five posts from crazy old Sean Manchester in my “To be approved” folder. I’m debating what is more amusing: The fact he keeps reposting the same thing over and over again because he’s not very web savy or the comments within. If I let them go live, we can all laugh at the insanity and stupidity from lines like equating homosexuals with diabiolists and how he’s trying to get the guy who excommunicated him to be excommunicated as well or things like him calling himself a representative of the “British Old Catholic Church” amongst other things, yet the IP address is the exact same each time. Oh lordy, why do my stalkers assail me so?

Bunnies are liking the mostly finished layout of the new place. And I slept like the dead. Even the internet connection on the desktop has started to sane up.

Weekend Update

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Well at least this upcoming work week is only 4.5 days long what with everyone going on the trip. Every day I’m glad I chose not to go on that.

Busy weekend. Friday was the usual get together and the rest of the weekend was filled with getting my place liveable. It’s all nice and clean. There are some boxes left but those are in bunny non-accessible areas. I moved intot he bedroom last night and the bunnies moved in about 30 minutes ago and they are now hiding under the bed.

Saturday was a bit busy. Lori and I went to Ikea. I dropped $100 in lamps and bed shit. Then it was off to Midnight with Heather and Vlad. It’s an interesting club. it looks and feels like a High School cafeteria. it’s brightly lit (for a clib) and the walls are baby blue. Music was okay, people were friendly, but I defintely preferred Chronos. Well, Chronos the first three nights I went, not what they were doing and playing last week.

Today it’s been getting the internets finally working in my place on my dekstop. this is the first time this has been online all month and it’s nice to be back on it in my desk typing away.

I’m going to be spending the rest of the night whipping out resumes. Cross your fingers gents.

Thanksgiving in London

Friday, August 24th, 2007

I can get tickets from DC to London for only $370. That’s cheaper from London to MSP when I came back to the States 4.5 years ago.

How can I not? Nandos, Slimelight, Wagamamas, Torture Garden, Garlic N Shots, Lem and Misha! Anyone care to join in?


Friday, August 24th, 2007

Thank fuck!

Chronos was pretty dull. It was pretty empty. Apparently while I was planning to go Columbine yesterday, there was a uber big goth drama happening in the DC scene that occurred. I’m here for three weeks and already I know the wacky OMG stuff. Yay? Still, I saw some friends and had some good convos and that’s what matters most to me.

Also Phil, Lori and I has some fun before hand and after Chronos we went to a greasy spoon diner. OMG so good.

Today I have a three hour coding meeting. Whee. Also, I’m going to be talking to HR at work about a few “issues” I’m having with the current insanity. There are several publications under the parent company in need of writers and editors. And the publishers all like me. Hmmm. At least it gets me out of my current insanity and I know the position ahead of time. Plus it’s research and writing about research. Which is pretty much what I do now.


Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

I need to get the wireless router hooked up to my desktop now because honestly, my half an hour “how have your first two weeks been?” meeting turned into a two hour meeting of me explaining the insanity that this company is and my utter disdain for having been lied to about what my job was supposed to be and what it actually is. I sweatr to god I damn near quit on the spot and when I was told “Oh, you know how we promised you flex hours? Well, 8 to four now.”, my reaction was simply, “I’m not doing that. You told me one thing, I’m holding you to it, and you’re going to have to let me go if that’s your mindset.”

I’m seriously done with this job. It’s New Life Systems all over again. The anger I felt in that meeting and am still feeling right now is insane. I should be unpacking and getting my house in order. Instead I have no desire to do anything but be pissy and veg.

What the fuck kind of company has writers that won’t turn things in on a deadline they themselves set, knowing full well that if it doesn’t go out on the due date, their entire division is in the shitter? Or editors who won’t edit copy and tell you, the guy in marketing to do it because they know you can? Or a sales force that doesn’t? They expect MARKETING to do the actual selling. Not the promos. Not the fluff. But the get in there and sell the products and be responsible for the numbers and overhead. This is insane. Like I said, as soon as I can get the desktop in synch with the wireless, I’m fucking gone.

As of friday I have have any and all bills completely paid off and my freelance pays enough to make the rent so realy, every day I stay is just money in the bank. I can do it for a few days or weeks, but I will be gone by the end of the year. Fuck this shit. Seriously. Who fucking lies about what your job will be?

Ugh. At least Lem, creator of the comic Bunny drew me two pictures today simply out of a good natured rib I left for him today. I shall post them here now as they cheer me up big time.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So close to the weekend

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Nothing major at work yesterday. I’ve started to develop my tracking and trend predicting methods, and as it’s better than anything they’ve ever had here (which is nothing), it means it’ll go over well.

Last night I basically came home, cleaned up after the bunnies and started putting stuff together. In the room that made Alan weep, Lori weep and Vlad and I consider going to the ER to be tested for plague…well, it’s looking really good now. Although there’s no way in hell I’d ever sleep there because the Pre-me version of the room is scarred horribly into my psyche, it’s looking good as a “room full of shit the bunnies would normally destroy” aka the video game and library room.

The night concluded with Vlad, Heather, and myself eating crab cakes and key lime pie and other goodies to No Reservations and my newly arrived “Eating on Asphault” series that arrived. 19.99 for 8 hours of Alton Brown and a free viewmaster. Sweet!

Tonight - Chronos.

Can I Go Home Now?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Decent day at work. Productive in terms of what I’ve got done, and I learned the Let’s Dish in the area is a block from where I work! I’m so signing up if I can take my cooler on the metro. Either that or to the Alexandria one. Both the August and September menus are crazy awesome. I’ll have to see if I can get someone to come with me. Probably Vlad, Heather, or Michelle. Although Lori loves to cook, it’s not very veggie-tarian friendly.

No real plans for tonight yet.

Someone with an 817 area code keeps calling but not leaving a message. You damn Texans!

Middle of the Week

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Alas, no Syndrome for me last night. I didn’t want to have to get home at 1:30-2am and I ended up spending the night cataloging a ton of my stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how everything looks when it’s all said and done.

Chewie woke me up this morning by claiming the bed as his territory. Not fun! He was refusing to let the other two bunnies on..then he peed on the blankets, mattress and my leg. Bad bunny! I can’t wait until this weekend when I can finally set the bed up downstairs. They’re starting to go stir crazy in that little room.

Nothing major going on tonight, Thursday is Chronos, Friday is the usual get together, and the weekend is wide open, but most of it will probably be setting shit up in my house.

I got a a “you totally rock” email from the president of my company last night/this morning for Excel mastery and my ability to put together marketing tools/tracking shit at a moment’s notice. Pretty cool!

I’m going to have Dunkin’ Doughnuts for brunch today. Man, I haven’t had those for years! Yummy yummy. And it’s crab cakes and vegan key lime pie for dinner. Heather and Vlad’s cooking rules! Although I just realized I haven’t cooked in three weeks. It’s a weird realization. Oh wait. No, I grilled some mignon my first week, but that doesn’t count to me.

I think I’m buying more shelves and lamps this weekend.

Oh, I’m working 8:30-4:30 today. I so prefer 7am -3pm.


Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

…work is getting a bit more enjoyable. If only because I can start doing statistical analysis, trend watching, and being creative. It’s really annoying though because there is no past data for the company. They never tracked or kept records before and as we all know a good chunk of marketing is planning for the future by studying the past. Sigh. I think I’d be a lot happier if I had some base to work out of instead of having to be god and create everything from scratch, all the while fearing that I will be making pig-dog mutant people or some other vile sin against nature.

Becky - I am going to apply for the Warhammer position. Yay video gaming! I think Vlad will be joining me on this.

I might go to Syndrome tonight. There’s only two left and I start work tomorrow at 9am instead of 7am, so why not?


Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

It’s all rainy and gloomy today. It’s kind of a nice change from the blistering heat and high UV levels we generally have here.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. So tired from the previous evening. I started to fall asleep during the Bourne Identity.

The very last Dragon magazine arrived at my home yesterday. I haven’t played D&D since I was in 8th-9th grade I believe, but it’s still kind of a melancholy thing. The oldest RPG magazine out there, the oldest still fully illustrated magazine still out there, and something that influenced every one of us from the Dragonlance zealots to the Japanese RPG importers is dead now. I remember as a little kid reading super old issues of the magazine given to me by my father’s best friend’s son and not really getting what “THAC0″ was, but enjoying the stories inside. Dragon introduced me to the works of Lovecraft, Shadowrun, V:TM, and even video game RPG’s. I might not have used it or needed the content since I hit 14-15, but it still was a pretty big factor in driving my current day interests and knowledge. Adieu happy magainze.

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