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Archive for July, 2007

23 hours to go

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

I spent the better part of yesterday going to the Walker, finishing my Pokemon article, then going to see No Reservations with a female friend of mine. I unexpectedly enjoyed the film. Then it was off to Cafe Barbette and finally back to my place for a few hours for activities that would have been better off with a mattress and box spring being involved.

Today it’s just packing the car and checking out of my apartment. Oh, and a BBQ with Scott. Huzzah.

Busy Saturday.

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

So in the past two hours I have

a) ran the lake
b) filled up my gas tank
c) swept
d) changed my oil

Now I’m going to finish my Pichu Bros. article and then go to the Walker and finally cafe barbette for Lupper/dunch.


Friday, July 27th, 2007

For the first time in two months I downloaded some games to my Wii. I got-

Devil’s Crush

I have 16 VC games and the breakdown is like this

9 TG-16 games
2 Sega Genesis

I am shocked that I have THAT MANY TG-16 games. it’s more than all the other systems combined!

What an awesome day

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Work gave me a good bye card and a $50 gift certificate to Barns and Noble.

I had a huge lunch as Famous Daves. Ribs, catfish and chicken.

And best of all, LJA and SixApart did a massive fuckup in my favour. Take a look at this.

One of my friends and ex writers at Inside Pulse got harrased by Sean Manchester in the same way I was and nearly got his LJ shitcanned. However click here to see the result.

We have written documentation that LJ Abuse finally considers Manchester a Public Figure. What does that mean? It means that post of Chris Bowen’s has been forwarded to a higher up at Six Apart by me pointing out their waffling on their decision.

Which means my LJ should be back by the end of August. Not that I’ll ever use it though. I’ll just export my old posts with comments here. But I’m not holding my breath on a 6A/LJ response considering what I’ve put them through already. :-P

Suck it LJA!

Last Day at Work

Friday, July 27th, 2007

So it’s my last day at XSYS. It was a good two years. The job kept me sufficently busy, taught me some new skills, and was an overall enjoyable experience. I got to go on business trips to Miami, ABQ, Chicago and Myrtle Beach, and that was all a lot of fun, if not exceptionally stressful. It was a shame they dumped the 401K and slashed our insurance package, as that’s what sent me looking for something new in the first place. Overall though, it was the best job I’ve had since being an adult.

I have to remind myself to take a few things home, like my vitamins and my glowing spinning Pikachu thing and my XSYS Magic 8 Ball I had them make for Labelexpo last year.

It’s odd though. It really doesn’t feel like the last day. It’s crazy slow too, so I’ll probably leave a bit early.

I think I’ll get chinese for lunch.

The End is Nigh

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Last night was fun. They were showing my apartment at 5pm, so I ended up going from work to Dreamhaven and then Phoenix Games. On the way home though, Thlyali figured out how to unlatch her cage and she tried to wriggle out, but got stuck. So WHILE DRIVING, I had to free her. Then she jumped onto my lap. I was fine with that. Zuel would always sit on my lap in the car. Then however Thlyali assumed the window was open and tried to jump through that. Finally, she jumped off my lap and sat on the dash of the car until I finally got a chance to pull over and put her back in her cage.

Later that night about ten of us went to Evergreen Chinese. It was myself, Nicole, Tony Madeline, Matt and Alyssa, Eric, Erin, Spike and Dan. Good times. Lots of fun conversation. It was great to see everyone and I realized I’m going to miss them terribly.

It’s funny. I’ve never missed anyone before. With Ronni, I thinking I missed her for 24 hours and then everything was fine. Elisa? About a week. Then I exploded all the pent up frustration from the shit that happened in England and I never looked back. But now? It’s going to suck to now go grab food with Spike or have steak night with Dan or just hanging out with any of the 2-3 dozen people I actually call “friend” here. That’s life though. You have to say your good-byes and move on to bigger and better things or else you stagnate and become mediocre. Besides, when I moved to England, my friendships only grew stronger with those I left behind. I have a feeling we’ll all be leaving more comments in each other’s blogs or emailing more.

Dan, Spike, Erin, Matt, Alyssa and I then went for yummy yummy pie.. Christopher joined us and we ended up gabbing until 11pm. We didn’t end up going to the movie, so that’s something to do this weekend. I know none of my DC friends are fans of seeing a movie in the theatre, but I am, so I should probably get together with some people this weekend and see it. Anyone up for the 4:30 or 5:30 showing at block E?

Night ended with Spike and Erin rooting through my pile of stuff to give away. Erin also gave me some Pokemon stuff and a trading card of herself. Yaeger - You going to come and take the comics?

It’s going to be a long weekend. I have no furniture. All I have in the apartment are the rabbits and the things going in my car. People like Erin and Dan are out of town. There’s not much to do except go running and think. Think think think. ick. I’ve never been good with idle time. Anything going on at all?

Simpsons Movie Tonight

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Looks like we are going to Southdale, Brooklyn Center, St Louis Park’s Mann Cinema, or Plymouth Willow Creek.

I’d prefer Southdale, but that’s just me.

Two days to go!

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Last night was really good. We went to 1408 and we all like dit. Then it was time for Fogo De Chou. There was a lot more talking than eating. but we still gorged on a lot of grub.

I’m really going to miss Scott. He was the one person that was there for me when I needed someone most. I’ll never forget than and I’ll never be able to fully repay him. He thinks I’m a big dork for telling him that, but he then told me he’s never seen another human being with my level of drive or who could achieve success as quickly as I do when I want it. We were a good team, good roomies, and good wingmen for each other. I’m going to miss seeing him as a dad and having those occasional wacky adventures that come so easily to us. He’s the only person that I share DNA with I actually consider family.

Enough with the sap. Alien Syndrome = an actually fun Sega game. Holy crap!

Tonight is dinner and a movie. There are a lot of places playing Simpsons tonight, so it’s just a matter of picking which midnight showing we are going to.

My Pokemon X CD arrives today. As I’ll be going to G0 to meet Dawn there at 10pm tomorrow, I’m going to do my best to get a Pokemon song played! PIKA PIKA!

Becky’s magazine got some comments to let me babble more, so with this upcoming article on Eastern Dragons, it’ll be one topic per column instead of 2-4 short ones. Yay!

I’ve been kind of down about leaving. Mainly because there’s a part of my brain saying “Remember what happened when you moved to England!” However, that was for pussy, this is for a secure job with awesome benefits and a lot more cash. In England allI knew was Elisa. In DC, I have know about a dozen people right off the top of my head. In England I had to leave behind Zuel to Rick’s care. In DC, I don’t have to worry about bunny guilt. There’s nothing that can go wrong on the scale of what did there. But it’s still fear of the unknown and memories of my last big move merging together at times to get me anxious.

Really though, the only thing I am going to miss are the people. Not the weather. not the awful driving. Not the being in the middle of nowhere. Not the passive aggressive mindset and certainly not the lack of fresh seafood. I will miss running the lake though. That’s the only physical aspect of MSP I’ll actually miss. Knowing that, it’s kind of sad I’m a bit bummed about moving. But I guess we all get a little down when a big chapter of our lives closes and the possibility of never seeing some people you care about pops up.

Food, Pie and Simpsons tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

RVSP with Erin’s LJ. We have about 11 people so far. Hopefully more of you can make it!

Dan - Where IS the Simpsons midnight showing tomorrow anyway?

Busy Wednesday

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Got up at 7am and unplugged things. Movers came at 8:30 and listed and toted. Sometime during the move, the landlords brought someone over, even thought I left a message and recieved a verbal promise over the phone from one of them when they called me back that no one would drop by today or tomorrow. This is the fourth time they’ve done this and its highly illegal. I’m strongly tempted to raise hell and take action, but that could be the sleep deprivation talking.

After the movers finished at my place, we went to M&A’s and loaded up Captain America. Yay! Then it was off to pick up Alien Syndrome from my EB games and I turned my preorder for Persona 3 into wii point cards seeing that they delayed it as of yesterday for at least another month, probably 3-4. Sigh.

Also, there is still a Shinders open! The one in Minnetonka is still in business! I thought DJ Nitrogen would like to know that. Dan and I drove by it Sunday but didn’t check to see if it was. Today I did. Everything is super cheap there right now and for $20 I grabbed the CRISIS on Infinite Earths TPB along with a Groo TPB. Nice!

Now I’m at work. Finishing some stuff up and then it is off to home for a quick shower and then dinner and a movie with the gang. FOGO! FOGO! Good thing all I’ve had to eat to day is a pecan roll from the wedge!

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