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Archive for March, 2007

One more review coming

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Atari just asked me to review their new Hack N Slash PC game. Arrrgh! Why do the companies keep pulling me back in?

Also, good episode of LOST with an awesome ending. I still think Locke is the character most in need of a bullet to the back of the skull. I’d rather let Paulo or Nikki live than his emo pussy ass. However, the way the episode ended just might give him a slight bit of redemption.

Road Trip to get Captain America

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

I’m thinking I’m going to have to get a Uhaul or a Ryder  (or find someone with a pickup)for the weekend of April 7th-8th. The Arcade game is down in Winona so it’s almost a two hour drive each way.

Anyone want to make the journey with me? It’s  heavy thing and I can get it loaded by myself as the old owners will help me with it, and I can get either Spike or Matt to help me with loading it off, but it’ll be more fun turning the whole thing into a wacky adventure. Plus, if you come with, you’ll get to have first dibs on what Avenger you want to be!

In truth though, when I go get this depends on what weekend is best for Spike or Matt, as until I move, it’ll be living with one of them. So if they say “not until May!” when then I won’t be getting it until May. :-P 

Let me know if you want to tag along. I’ve never been to Winona, so I could use the company.


It’s a Thursday!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Finished my review of the new Cyberdog CD. It really does seem out of place in BTT. The reviews are like “Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Psy Trance.” WTF, right?

I always find writing about the sound of a video game to be the hardest part of the review, so writing an entire review based solely on music? Man, that was hard. I can critique graphis, gameplay and things that are more technical than art. So obviously I went more the historical underpinnings of this genre of music to flesh out my thoughts. I figured considering there’s not even a B level Psy Trance artist from the Western Hemisphere, it might help to explain the genre. You can find the review over at my Myspace blog, or at Beyond the Threshold

i need to find some time next weekend or the one after that to go pick up Captain America. I’ll probably have to get a uhaul or a Ryder.

DVD’s purchased this week: Batman Beyond V3, Justice League Unlimited V2, and Newsradio Season 5.

Quick Bits

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

1. I need a vacation. Just from everything.

2. Thlyali is healthy and happy. Last night she was doing her usually picking on Baby since Baby is a third of her size and Baby finally fought back and actually made Thlyali run away! Seems to be a changing of the guard in who is Omega and who is Alpha in the bunny compound. Thlyali got checked out for and had her first check up (she didn’t go in with Baby and Chewie in August) and she’s in good health. Yay.

3. No place within a 200 mile radius of MSP got Puzzle Quest in, so I’ve had to order it from Amazon.

4. I think I’m going to stop putting out the writer resume until after the NSM. I got contacted today and the 60K project was offered to me but 1) they wanted me to relocate for it and 2) they wanted me out there by April 1st. Yes, 10 days. I was like, “Look, I appreciate the offer, and I love the money, but that’s totally uncool to ask me to up and do all this upheval in my life with less than a fortnight’s notice. That would fuck over my current Day Job, which I’d really not rather leave unless for an independent contractor option that has a lot of financial potential but is still not an actual job with benefits. Security > wacky unknown risk. It would also fuck over some of my friends. They repeated they wanted me by April 1st or not at all. I chose not at all. Gotta go with the ethics, even if you know, that’s a crap load of money.

Yes, I want out of MSP. I have no emotional or spiritual connection to here, but I also like what I do and the people I work with. Eventually I will get out of here, but when I do, it’ll be on my terms. Needing to move in 10 days would also have severely fucked over Vlad and Heather and I won’t do that either. Not to mention Chris, or a lot of the people I work with.

Nice offer, bad terms. All I want is to get back up to making 50-60K a year just from writing. That way I can move if I want to when I want to, without worrying about cash flow.

Why is it only Wednesday

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

God it feels like a Friday. DAMN IT! BE FRIDAY!

I’ve been really mentally and physically exhausted lately. Putting out that writer resume as much as I did has been crazy. Five interviews Monday, three yesterday, one today, one tomorrow.  And hell, I was looking more just to get my name out there and get something happening this fall. I really wasn’t prepared for people wanting me know and I’m a little overwhelmed.

For example, there’s a great 60K opportunity for me in Fairfax, VA, which is about 18 miles outside of DC. It’s just a lot of editing and writing. About as much work as I do now. But they will probably want me to start by the middle/end of April. There’s defintely a connection between me and the two women I interviewed with. We’d obviously all mesh well together personality and talent wise. I really want the work, and I’d love to have that much money just lying around. I just don’t know if I’m ready for a project that big with the National Sales Meeting for the day job coming up. I’ll take it if it is offered to me, but that means April and May and June will equate to = never seeing Alex as he’ll be WORKING 24/7. 

To say I’m a bit burned out/stressed/contemplative is an understatement.

Wow. Lots going on Friday. Dinner thingie with some friends, and then John & Summer’s thingy. This weekend is pretty open save for a ton of writing.

Quinn - Some fuckface outbid me at the last second for that VHS you wanted. Sorry man.

Everyone really likes the new hair. I don’t take pics of myself, but I’m sure some will be done Friday at some point. This is the first time since I was 17 that my hair hasn’t touched my shoulders. I’m defintely going to have whiplash by the end of the week.  

Theme Park and Puzzle Quest today! I have to admit, I’m feeling a little dirty regarding Theme Park. This is the first Electronic Arts game I will have purchased since 1993. 14 years. My boycott is over. What was the last game I purchased from them? Mutant League Football. Man, EA should let that game be on the Wii Virtual Console.

Arrgh. It’ll be a crazy slow day at work as all my sales reps are out of action this week. I miss being able to check LJ here during my lunch break.




Review #131

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Review: The Sacred Rings (PC)

Tagline: What Nun Did I Molest and Sodomize in Front of an Orphanage to Deserve Playing This?



Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

That is all.

Holy crap what a day

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Busy and yet super positive and exciting.

I really like the Cyberdog collection. Very nice Electronica I can Zen out to here at work.

I think someday I would like to have a job that offers me 75-80K a year and involves me living in both and travelling back and forth from Washington DC and New Orleans. But what are the chances of that…

I totally spaced on the movie tournament due to all the writing I’ve had lately. I’m going to push it back to start Next Monday. Here’s the top 32 so far in the voting

The Iron Giant
Batman: MOTP
Spirited Away
Monsters Inc
The Incredibles
The Last Unicorn
Finding Nemo
Nightmare before Xmas
Princess Mononoke
Lilo & Stich
The Lion King
Vampire Hunter D
Macross: DYRL
Batman Beyond: RotJ
Fist of the North Star
Beauty and the Beast
Toy Story
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Alice in Wonderland
Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Grave of the Fireflies
Ninja Scroll
Emperor’s New Groove
Project A-Ko
Heavy Metal

Crazy Busy Week

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Alright. Yesterday was an odd day at work. The used toner container in our copier broke as I was trying to fix it (i’m the only one here that knows how to fix the copier) and I was covere din dried toner soot. I was whisked away to the company shower (We are an ink company after all) and I had to shower in something I would define as pretty dodgy. The whole time I was like “Oh please don’t give me foot fungus or athlete’s foot.”

Got home and my package from Cyberdog arrived. Three shirts, two sets of gloves, and the brand new CD they comp’d me. I’ll be reviewing that for BTT.

Speaking of that, it’s a crazy review week. Tonight I finish the review of “The Sacred Rings” for NATE. Tommorow I’ll finish the CD review. Thursday I review Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for Cheat Codes magazine, and then I’ve reviewing this book  on the Gothic Subculture for Matt’s new website he’ll be doing. I’m morbidly curious to see if this author is focusing just on the music aspect of goth (like 99.99% of every book on the subject ever released) or if it’ll be a complete look.

Friday is Gloomchen’s Karaoke Party.

Last night I had a very late dinner and pie with Spike, Alyssia, and Matt. Good time as always although I was so wired from the pie that by I got like no sleep last night. Seriously. I am so exhausted. If the three heads of the company all weren’t out already today, I’d take a half.

Oh, and Matt and/or Spike is going to take the Captain America arcade game until I move. Thanks guys! Depending on the dimensions of the place I move to, I really would love to get about 4 Arcade games total. Mainly the 6 Player X-Man Game, D&D 2 (or 1, but 2 was my original) and then either X-Men vs Street Fighter, Capcom vs Marvel 2, or SNK vs Capcom. Maybe Marvel Super Heroes, but I already have 1 Marvel game now, and I’d just always play as Shuma-Gorath.

And the week begins anew

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Man, busy weekend. Friday night I cleaned, finished my taxes and then had a date. Taxes surprised me as last year  I owed $500 combined. This year I got back $205 when all was said and done and I made a lot more in 2006 than I did in 2005. Crazy.

Saturday I learned I’ll be getting in the very rare Pokemon next Quest Battle Starter set from England. This game won’t be out in the US until 2008. Who here in MSP wants to learn to play with me so I can start writing columns on it?

Saturday was also cleaning the kitchen (mainly the stove) and up after the rabbits. Did some working out, played some of that horrid “Sacred Rings” game and it was basically a fuck all day. I watched that “Sublime” DVD. Who the fuck labelled it as a horror film? It’s pretty graphic, but it’s more a Thriller/Medical drama about shit that can go wrong in hospitals more than anything else. Decent, but so not what I was expecting. This was more “An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge” than anything else.

Sunday I had Breakfast with Dan and Spike at the Ideal Diner. Good food and it was a real diner. Very neat. My car was acting funny though. RPM gauge was completely off. It’s better now. Appears to have just been a one time thing.

Also found the Captain America arcade game for a third of what I’ve ever seen it before. Like Dan said, I might as well buy it as I can easily afford it. I need a place to store it until I move, but holy hell with 4 player simultaneous action how can we not have fun with this. If someone would be kind enough to store it for me, i’d be most appreciative and I will do something very nice for you in return.

Also, house rules with the game will include

a) Whenever you play as Hawkeye and you die, you have to yell “NOT LIKE THIS! NOT LIKE THIS!!!!”

b) If you play as Iron Man you have to be a total prick to everyone else playing.

Today I learned work has blocked LJ. Weird. This means I can’t read my F-List until I get home instead of during my lunch break, and I can’t read comments left for me in the RSS until then too. So if you would like to help me store my CAPTAIN AMERICA ARCADE GAME, which is totally sweet, leave a comment in the actual wordpress blog please.

Also I recieved a job offer from a company in DC today. Director of Public Relations. Total surprise as I hadn’t even interviewed for it! It was 10K more than I’m making now but they wanted me to start Monday. As in next week. I had to say no. If I’m ever going to take a new job, they have to at least respect my old company and let me give two weeks notice. Plus what kind of comapny offers you a job without even doing a phone interview. It just smelled fishy to me.

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