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Archive for January, 2007

Weekend Update

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

1. Spice World in the theatre was AWESOME. I was suppsoed to do something with Mel after the movie, but I went home and passed out while playing with the bunnies. Didn’t even undress or brush my teeth. I just woke up and it was 5am. Eep.

2. I either pinched or tore my ulnar nerve Friday night working out. It’s also known as the funny bone. I noticed I had a tingling in my elbow and the very tip of my left Pinky about 10pm that night. I had people over to watch Saw III (Which ends the series in a nice little package but is by far the worst of the films IMO) and I was like “Fuck! Wake up arm!” I woke up with the pins and needles feeling still there and after writing two articles on Pokemon for two different magazines and cleaing my home, it was still there. Worse it felt like it had spread to the next finger’s first digit. I got a bit worried and talked to a friend who was like “Dude! That’s Carpal Tunnel.” Thankfull I have a good party buddy who is a doctor so i called him and he’s like “If it was in middle and pointer fingers, then it would be the Carpal Tunnel. Since it’s the pinky, you probably did something nasty to your funny bone.” The tingling in my fingers has so far suibsided down to a tiny spot in my pinky and a throbbing in my elbow. I’ll have to make an appointment with a doctor on Monday. Stupid body breaking down on me!

3. Writing my MMORPG Nyogtha column right now. This is kind of fun, and it scares me how much I just know without looking it up.

4. I’m a level 4 Lawful Neutral Wood Elf Cleric in Neverwinter Nights 2. I was a Chaotic Evil Dwarven Necromancer in NWN1 and a Human Paladin/Red Dragon Disciple in the expansions. I know Chris and Sara own NWN2 and I’m pretty sure Tim does too. We’ll have to whip up an online game. Between this and Hotel Dusk, I’m actually enjoying video games again.

HBK World Tour Update

Friday, January 26th, 2007

May 29th -June 3rd: Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I’ve got a sweet two bedroom loft condo 1100 square feet. Niiice.

Now, what is there to do that’s rather nifty in Albuquerque?

Also Lori, give me a call. If you’re free any of those dates, I can get you hired to do a meal for about 18 people and would give you room, board, flight, and money! And I mean, when else are you going to get to magical super warm New Mexico?



Friday, January 26th, 2007

It’s been a really nice and laid back day today. WHich is mainly because I overworked myself the first four days of the week… Still, it’s nice to have breathing room.

Watched a documentary on the Salem Witch Trials while working out last night. So many wacky theories!

http://www.teachnola.org/ Not a bad idea for some of my readers perhaps. New Orleans needs about 500 more teachers at the least post katrina. Starting pay is 36-39K and they will certify you if you’re not already. 

This weekend I have 3 articles to write for three different magazines. Crazy. Still, that’s a good deal of extra pocket change!

Spice World tomorrow night. Whoo!

Finally, for the love of fuck people, http://www.wwe.com/shows/royalrumble/4011430/   VOTE OFF BATISTA.

In Case You Were Wondering

Thursday, January 25th, 2007


NOT ME! I think I’d kill myself if that was me though…


Not Me. (I Would never write Fan Fiction. Much Less Quantum Leap meets Kingdom hearts fan fiction)


Not Me. I’m not a vampire


NOT ME. I have a penis.


Poontang Ponderings

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

What can I say? I felt like being introspective on this lunch hour, and I can’t access Myspace at work so….we get this. Alas, LJ-Cut doesn’t work with this so my apologies to the LJ’ers who have their friend’s list clogged by this. If you know a way to do an LJ-cut style command in html, let me know!


Me Grimlock not nice dino, Me Grimlock KING!

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Last night I went to my Mandarin class. Dan’s in it too. It was…interesting. In two hours I only learned about a half dozen words, but we spent most of our time on inflections, and the 5 different ways each “letter” can be pronounced. It was fun though. The teacher is amazingly hot, although her English is not so good. But hell, it’s better than my Chinese so I can’t say anything there!

The class was held in what appears to be a 4-6th grade classroom. Man is the MN public school system in dire needs of funds. Their encyclopedia set was hobbled together from 1986, 1991 & 1995. They also had those old Time-Life Occult books that they put out when I was in Middle School myself. You know the ones. “Act now and you can get Mysteries of the Pyramid for free! Then each month we’ll send you another text filled with the strange and the unusual.” My god, the stupider kids can pick those up and read that Reagan is still our presiden. Or that trees are responsible for 80% of pollution. Oy.

11 of the 12 Discover Channel DVD’s I ordered arrived yesterday. They had a big sale where over 500 dvd’s were only $4.99 so I picked up a ton of documentaries. I watched one of their documentaries about a Haunted club when I got home from class. Only 45 minutes long and about half of it was a dramatization, but it was still good for the five note.


Discussion Topic: Video Game Movies

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I was thinking about this today. 99% of films based on video games are hideous. House of the Dead. Alone in the Dark. Silent Hill. Bloodrayne. Street Fighter. Super Mario Bros. Both Final Fantasy Films (Spirits Within and Advent Children). Dead or Alive. Wing Commander. The list goes on.

 Mortal Kombat is pretty much universally considered the BEST video game movie ever made (Let’s not talk about the second or the TV show…) in terms of acting quality, FX quality and sticking to the actual characterization & plot. Sure there are some differences (Scorpion and Sub Zero working together), but overall it’s the best.

The Resident Evil films are okay. The second is closer than the first in terms of sticking to the plots (and the girl who plays Jill Valentine is HOT!), and to be honest, I like the films better than the games. I own them both and will watch them occasionally, but they’re not great by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, now that I think about it, the trailer for RE2 was the best thing relating to the the films. You know what I’m talking about right? It appears to be a commercial for a rejuvenating skin cram and BAM! ”Made by the Umbrella Corporation.” Subtle and brilliant. Then they hit you with the zombies. Also, the RE films are made by the same guy who did the first Mortal Kombat film. not a surprise there.

The Tomb Raider ones seem to have their fans. Elisa LOVED them. They weren’t for me. I found them insipid. But they do seem to be considered the third and final set of video game films that are considered “decent or better.”

Would Doom be considered an acceptible one too? I hate the games, but I enjoyed the film for what it was. The Rock helped with that probably.

I’m not counting cartoons like Fatal Fury, Pokemon, or the like as that’s anime and thus not films. Although if we did, Pokemon 1 would be the highest grossing Video Game Film of all time. :-P

So your thoughts. Good game movies? Bad game movies? Games you want to see turned into films? Thoughts on upcoming games that are going to be turned into films. And so on and so forth. here’s a list of all the video games I’ve found that should be films in the next few years.

Alice (2007) (American McGee’s)
Area 51 (TBA)
BloodRayne II: Deliverance (2008) (god no!)
Castlevania (2007) (Warren Ellis is writing and I’m getting royalty checks, so Madolan, as he is your friend, get him to put in an aside that Alucard is NOT me!)
Clock Tower (2008) (Based on the horrible Capcom game. No Scissorsman. Fuck)
Cold Fear (2008)
Devil May Cry (TBA)
Doom 2 (TBA)
Driver (2008)
Far Cry (2008)
Fear Effect (2008)
Fatal Frame (TBA)
God of War (2007)
Halo (2008)
Hitman (2007)
Hunter: The Reckoning (2007) (I had hopes for this, as the games are great but Uwe Boll is attached)
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)  (Uwe Boll!)
Max Payne (2007)
MechWarrior (TBA)
Metal Gear Solid (2008)
Mortal Kombat: Devastation (2007)
Onimusha (2008)
Postal (2007)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2008)
Psi-Ops (TBA)
Prey (2008)
Quake (TBA)
Rainbow Six (2008)
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
Resident Evil IV (2009)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (TBA)
Silent Hill 2 (2008)
Siren (2007)
Soul Calibur (TBA)
Splinter Cell (2010)
Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run (2007)
The Suffering (2007) (Oh fuck, this could be the only good one on the list)
Tekken (2009)
Tomb Raider III (TBA)
The Unforgettable (2008)
WarCraft (2008) 


Middle of the Week - Quick Babble

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Man I need this weekend to get here faster, I really do.

Tonight is the start of my Mandarin Chinese class. Six weeks, 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Should be neat. Never hurts to learn a new language.

Watched the Descent last night. Much better than the director’s original flick, Dog Soldiers, although in truth it IS roughly the same plot. The director’s cut tacks on a second ending that wasn’t originally in the UK theatrical or DVD release. The movie just does the first ending and then glides directly into the second. It’s so seamless unless you knew where it originally stopped, you’d assume it was always meant to be that way. It’;s funny because I read the first ended was viewed as too dark for American audiences and the second was tacked on for the same reasons 28 Days Later got a new ending in North America. However, the new ending is MUCH darker and the original is standard 1980’s horror movie cliches, so I’m a bit puzzled by the fuzzy logic behind the new ending being less dark.

Spice World on Saturday! YAY!

Addendum to the last post…

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Of course after I wrote that, I got an email asking to do a version of Nyogtha for World of Warcraft.

Wah wah wah… :-P

You can defnitely tell I’m done with gaming

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

I traded a bunch of stuff in for 85 dollars in credit today. I already have Card Fighters Clash and Metal Slug anth paid off and it took me 30-40 minute to decide what to do with the credit. I nearly got Zelda:TP for the Cube but in the end I got Neverwinter Nights Special Edition on DVD, the Strat Guide, and Panzer Dragoon Orta (I somehow have lost my old one) and had like 15$ left over than I just slapped on Marvel: TCG for the DS. Absolutely nothing looks or sounds good besides the SNK games I have preordered in all of 2007. I can’t tell you how happy and relieved it made me to realize that. I haven’t played a video game in three weeks and I don’t see myself playing one any time soon.

Now, anyone besides Chris have NWN 2 so we can get a world editor game started?

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